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A Million Dollar Home in Tallahassee, Florida or Pakistan? You choose!

Not All Million Dollar homes are alike!

When I heard of the price tag on Osama BinLaden’s home or hideout, whichever it was, I was grateful for the safe, secure and beautiful locations and designs of million dollar home in the United States!

Housing prices are at a 40 year lows, there’s a pretty good chance you will get much more for your money right here in the wonderful ole’ USA!  Tallahassee has gorgeous luxury homes, many with designer features, showing like model homes straight from a showcase floor. None that I know of have mattresses scattered on concrete floors with rubbish and week old food lying around.

Yards of most million dollar homes in Tallahassee, FL are well planned and professionally landscaped, void of any concrete walls and burning trash  piles.  While some of these million dollar homes are in gated communities, none that I am aware of, are surrounded by armed guards.

Best of all, most of these million dollar homes were built with love, and house families who enjoy the freedoms of enjoyment and the ability to move back and forth, in and around the community of  Tallahassee, Florida without fear for their safety. Tallahassee citizens are thankful to the armed forces that protect our country, for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom, for the local civil service employees who protect our city, and to be a part of the pride of it’s citizens.

See million dollar homes in and around Tallahassee, Florida here or use our Search Tool and property organizer to track your favorites. For your personal showing of homes for sale in Tallahassee, call Debbie Kirkland today.If you are looking for a home in Pakistan or overseas, we can make a referral to a National Association of Realtors member there too!

So, Which do you prefer?

Million Dollar luxury homes in Tallahassee, Florida DebbieKirkland, Realtor OR     million dollar home where Osama Bin-Laden was found, Pakistan, real estate


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