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Are You Prepared For Hurricane Season in Tallahassee Florida?

It’s time to address how you willprepare for hurricane season in Tallahassee, Florida. The extreme warm temperatures of 2013 and warmer oceans have set the stage for many more storms than usual. Remember, nothing is as important as you, and your family. Everything else is replaceable. Take care and exercise caution during the 2013 Hurricane season, be prepared.

Oreo Hit It Out Of The Park With Superbowl Tweet

What did this Tallahassee, FL Realtor learned from OREO and a Tweet during the blackout at the Superbowl 2013? I watched them all, and none resonated with me as entertaining, creative or intriguing. I really can’t think of one ad that I thought I would pay $1M+ for if I were a business owner. The one’s I saw were simply bland, to say the least. Unfortunately, I didn’t learn about “the Tweet” until days after the Superbowl.