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Green, Solar, Renewable Energy Users and Initiatives in Tallahassee, Florida

Tallahassee, Florida citizens and businesses going “Green”

Long before gas prices began to rise, scientists, students, businesses and citizens in Tallahassee, Florida have had renewable energy on their minds.  In 2010, many of the City and County commissioners who ran for office actually ran on platforms of promises to move towards support of green building, green product development, and renewable energy research.  The voices of concerned and aggravated citizens regarding the high cost of City of Tallahassee utilities clearly resounded as any more citizens have become involved in not only the election, but in becoming a part of the solution to the utility woes of Leon county. We are excited to have Kristen Dozier and Andrew Gillum serving on our commissions. The younger generation is well represented and important to us while carrying out our community’s goals.

One of the solutions proposed by our commissioners was the advent and integration of “Smart Meters.” A huge expenditure was employed, in hopes of consumer savings, but quite the opposite occurred. Many citizens had utility bills now doubling and tripling what had previously been budgeted. Some families now have utility bills actually higher than their mortgage payments! Not much has been said about that with the exception of a few heated comments at selected commission meetings. The debate on the smart meter is likely to continue for a long time.

On the flip side, there is positive movement towards energy consciousness in Tallahassee, Florida. Today, citizens and businesses alike are thinking “Green,” building green to save green! Residents have created and are solving some of their own utility issues. Take a look at one homeowner’s solution to heating a pool while lowering the cost of his utilities and cooling his attic:

The Tallahassee Parade of Homes Showcase starts in May and those touring homes are sure to see homes with green features, some even fully Energy Star rated and fully integrated with energy efficient systems and green products.The City of Tallahassee began a Green Building Pilot Program in March, 2010, giving 51 builders up to $2250 per home for building a green home. At first only a few took advantage of this, now, many more have begun the process as they have seen the rising public demand for more of these features in new construction.

Today, I was talking to a developer about assisting a new company find a site for another green manufacturing company in hopes of trying to keep this business located in Tallahassee, where it will bring jobs, as well as have a positive economic impact, I discovered yet another green initiative, the solar sausage and solar farm. (Thanks FSU! More on solar sausages.) Yes, Tallahassee is on it’s way to becoming ripe for business growth and development. The future I see would include using the resources of our three colleges, the technology centers of Florida State University students and research faculty to work with these companies, and become a training ground for students and technology based workers. It’s exciting to envision my community growing in this direction.  Maybe it’s already happening! Welcome Bing Energy!

I may be a simple technology driven Realtor, but I GET the BIG picture for Tallahassee. Now, to simply help others hop on board. If you are interested in building a Green, energy efficient home, call me today for your Tallahassee new construction referral. If you want to help Tallahassee grow greener, get involved! Contact your City of Tallahassee commissioners and Leon County commissioners and ask to be a part of the solution!

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