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Realtors Using Social Media – What’s In it for A Seller?

Social Media -A Gimmick Or Money Making Tool?

What Sellers Should Know About Their Realtors Marketing Plan

When the Tallahassee real estate market had a shift in 2007, a downward trend was spiraling, property values and sales were falling and my personal business was at risk, I began thinking outside the box when examining my home seller’s marketing plans. What would bring my sellers a faster sale, by exposing their property to as many people as possible?

As a business person I began examining marketing strategies that would improve my reach to consumers.  I began by reading a great book by Paul Chaney, “The Digital Handshake.”  This one book set me on a path to find other cutting edge real estate professionals who were using current technologies, building relationships, not only with customers but each other to grow their businesses. I was not just concentrating on those with the shiniest profiles, but the ones who were actively talking, sharing, formulating and implementing marketing strategies to make money. At the end of the day, most real estate professionals aspire to achieve  financial success by gaining the respect of their customers as a knowledgeable, reliable and professional resource.  To a seller, all they want to know is how fast can you get my home sold?

Three things matter when selling a home. Price, Condition, and Marketing.  The first two, the seller controls, the third is what most Realtors promise they will do for a seller. Marketing plans is what sets Realtors apart and it is multi-faceted.

For a home seller, having a Realtor who is experienced, educated but equally qualified and on the leading edge of marketing to today’s home buyers should be one of the key elements when selecting professional representation. A seller should know that a Realtor understands factors affecting the value of their home, but more importantly, the identification of the right buyers for their property. As a Tallahassee, FL Realtor I’ve developed a lifestyle marketing plan to attract those potential buyers will make the difference in exposure of a home listing, and target marketing to the most likely customer.

It takes constant analysis or home buyers, of market trends, of home design and construction, of neighborhoods and amenities to present a home in it’s best possible light to as many people with common interests. Community sells. Lifestyle sells. Quality Sells. Knowing how to present these features to the appropriate audience is what separates average real estate sales from Realtors who are top of their industry.

This week I will be traveling to Atlanta for the Real Estate Technology South Conference. It is one of the most forward-thinking, technology oriented conferences ever for Realtors. Realtors who are using portals such as websites, micro-sites such as Facebook, and advertising properties across the web in syndicated Realtor websites. I’m excited to bring back ideas and to begin implementing strategies that will help keep me working with my website designers and marketing partners at and 210 Consulting. There is sure to be a lot of conversation both during sessions and many coffee table and sofa conversations that will keep me thinking ahead for a long time to come.

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