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Tallahassee Florida Homes For Sale| Marketing Lifestyles

Average Realtors LIST homes for sale. Above average Realtors list to SELL homes, and they sell homes because they know how to market homes.  The above-average Realtor will constantly ask themselves, and others, “Who do I know that would want a house like this?”  Knowing who to market a home to is the quickest way to achieve a sale.

This morning on my Mega-Marketer caravan, we discussed not only the listings we saw, but how to market, who to market to and what seems to be working for our agents.  I suppose I’m a geek when it comes to learning innovative ways to market homes for sale in the Tallahassee, FL area.

As a Tallahassee, FL Realtor My style of marketing  is to use every tool I have to bring buyers and sellers together. I use technology to deliver edgy marketing pieces and using formats that reaches today’s Internet buyers that are directed to their lifestyles. If you want an equestrian property, I have resources for the potential buyers ready and in hand when showing these properties. My experience as a life-long resident of Tallahassee give me advantages of understanding neighborhood amenities that sellers want to share with a potential buyer. Knowing where parks, recreation facilities are located, biking trails, art museums, sports facilities, schools and colleges are located is important information when showcasing Tallahassee neighborhoods. Yesterday, I got a call from a customer wanting to know where to go fishing in Tallahassee! Ask me about Southwood Homes for Sale, and you will learn about Southwood Lifestyle, the same goes for every Tallahassee neighborhood!

Home Sellers benefit when listing their homes with my team because we are prepared for today’s home buyers. We are ahead of the curve in the Tallahassee and we constantly evaluate what seems to be working or not working with both buyers and sellers and changing our business tools to meet their demands. Next week, we will travel to Atlanta, attend the Real Estate Tech South Conference where we learn even more about current and future technologies that will impact all that we do in our business.

Do most Realtors talk about Word Press, Augmented Reality, Lifestyle Marketing, Sexy Syndication, Mobile Road Warriors, Hyper-Local Sphere Building, Viral Branding, and Virtual Assistants? It’s just my language, and I love it. What does it bring you as a home seller or home buyer?

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