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Beware of Craigslist Rental or Home Sales Scams

While Realtors are not qualified to give tax advice or lead a long term investment conversation, we can provide data including potential rental income and cost analysis on maintaining a home as a rental property. We work closely with tax accountants who provide important tax consequences to customers and with maintenance persons when considering long term repairs and replacement costs, a factor of consideration for any rental property. Never at any time will a Relator as for a rental payment to come directly to them, or not have you fill out a formal, standardized rental or credit application.

Realtors Using Social Media – What’s In it for A Seller?

For a home seller, having a Realtor who is experienced, educated but equally qualified and on the leading edge of marketing to today’s home buyers should be one of the key elements when selecting professional representation. A seller should know that a Realtor understands factors affecting the value of their home, but more importantly, the identification of the right buyers for their property.

When An Expert Crosses The Line In A Transaction

Experts Cross The Line On Occasion In a real estate transaction, there are many people involved who render professional advice and services. Most Realtors will advise their customers to use licensed professionals such as licensed mortgage loan officers, licensed certified appraisers, licensed home inspectors, licensed roofers, electricians, plumbers and contractors. Home-Buyers and Home-Sellers hire these […]

The Zen of House-Hunting

Realtors work with customers from all walks of life, all demographic backgrounds, and all nationalities. Personally, I have helped locate homes for Finding homes on the internet is one way that people first encounter their possible future homes. Despite all the videos with soothing music and professional staging, the experience of actually walking into a […]