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The Zen of House-Hunting

Realtors work with customers from all walks of life, all demographic backgrounds, and all nationalities. Personally, I have helped locate homes for Finding homes on the internet is one way that people first encounter their possible future homes. Despite all the videos with soothing music and professional staging, the experience of actually walking into a home is totally revealing to buyers. House-Hunting can be fun, it can be enlightening and it is a zen experience when a buyer finds their home!

Some buyers come to Realtors with expectations, with urgent needs and with high demands for attributes that can limit their home-finding possibilities. Savvy Realtors are helpful in opening the minds of these kinds of buyers, to calming concerns that zen-gardencan be remedied and in presenting options for homes that may not, at first, been homes of consideration for these buyers. Experienced Realtors are observing their customers during showings, listening to conversations, and engaging their customers to constantly understand their needs and desires. Realtors often work with multiple buyers at the same time, all with varied needs. The chance that while showing property to one buyer, they may see other homes that other buyers may be interested in is a strong possibility.

Communication, openness between a buyer and their Realtor is a fundamental element of house-hunting. If you can remain calm, if you can open yourself to trust your real estate professional, you may find the zen that allows you to look beyond your limitations and expectations. Realtors are not kidding when they say, “When you walk into the home that is right for you, you will “know” it.” They are true zen moments, no need for words, just the feeling of, “This is my home!”

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Realtor Since 2002. Top 5% In Tallahassee, Florida. Member, 2012 President, Tallahassee Board of Realtors I love sharing information and photographs of the Tallahassee, FL area. I'm a native and know the area well and love finding homes for people in the area as well as being a resource by sharing what I love about my hometown! I want your real estate referrals as well ~ So check out my website, get to know Tallahassee or SEARCH for area homes, and contact me soon!

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