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Does Tallahassee Florida Have Elevated Radon Gas Levels?

Elevated Radon Gas Levels Have Been Found In Tallahassee, FL

This is not new information! Tallahassee, FL home buyers and home-owners should know that we have found elevated levels of radon in our area. Just because your neighbor does not have it, does not mean you don’t, (or vice-versa)!

Radon occurs naturally in the air that we breathe, but not in such concentrated amounts to make us sick in most cases. Thanks to sophisticated, accurate testing methods used today and recommended by the EPA, radon gas has been identified, and in most cases remediated (or removed from homes) using ventilation systems that draw radon away from the interior of our homes where it concentrates and causes health problems.

What is radon gas? Why do Realtors recommend testing homes for Radon gas? What does radon gas look like or smell like? What is a safe radon level? Does radon gas cause cancer? What is the cost of a radon gas test in Tallahassee Florida and what kind of testing is recommended? Why should you test for radon gas?

There are three types of Radon testing kits:

First, there are the store-bought radon kits… Don’t do it! There are too many variables involved, including tampering, weather conditions, improper location of test kits, etc. Results can be inaccurate and are not certified results. The second type of testing are low-tech, low-sensitivity monitors used by many home inspectors, but these devices do not meet the single device monitoring requirements for real estate professionals. The third type of radon testing kit and most reliable, are Rad-a-link monitors. They are precise, highly sensitive and only available to trained, certified and licensed radon inspectors who insure that these machines are calibrated properly and maintained for quality and accurate results. These machines are tamper sensitive as well. Reports issued by Radalink are available to the customer within one hour after data submission as well. This can be critical when under inspection deadlines and when negotiations for remediation are needed.

Here is a link to open the EPA’s Consumer’s Guide to Radon Reduction-How To Fix Your Home publication for you. Want to know who are State of Florida Certified Radon Businesses and Individuals certified and licensed to test for Radon?

Your family’s health is important to us as your Tallahassee FL Realtors. Radon Gas does, in fact, cause lung cancer, the #1 cause of cancer in non-smokers as a matter of fact! Why risk it? With every single real estate transaction we do, my team will ALWAYS recommend a Radon gas test. We care about our customers and their families. We want to help buyers and sellers remain cancer-free. Debbie is a cancer survivor, and she believes in cancer prevention, no matter what the cost. Tallahassee Realtors want to eradicate cancer. Help us! Get a Radon test for your Tallahassee, FL home.

Watch this video and then let me know if you’d like to schedule a radon test for your home, I will help you find a qualified professional.  Even if your home is not for sale, it is still important!


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