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How Involved Will You Be To Protect Friends, Family, Citizens In The USA?

Feeling Pensive and Anxious Waiting On Killers To Be Found

mannequin with question markNothing to do with real estate today. Just an overwhelming feeling of anxiety for the citizens and my friends in Boston, Massachusetts today. Asking for prayer from all of my followers and friends and the hunt is being broadcast on TV and media channels, as more unfolds of the unabashedly bold killers, the Boston Marathon bombers.  While one is fittingly deceased, I prayed suspect #2 would be caught alive for many reasons, for answers for justice for his death in the end that all of us can participate in as US Citizens. Finally his carnage has ended.

We are a United people, while diverse and a melting pot of culture, but I am seriously concerned about the complacency and moral degradation of our youth, and of who we allow into our country, and in what we overlook every day. I have no answers. I only have more resolve to be more aware of my surroundings, of those in my life and of those I happen to encounter or stand near. I also have a resolve to get involved.

At What Point Would You Get Involved?  Sharing One Of My Experiences

A few of my friends know about this, but I’m willing to share it now, in light of the Boston, MA events this week. It happened over the Christmas holiday, 2012. While on Facebook, I happened upon a remark in the sidebar chat of followers that caused me to stop what I was doing because it seemed shocking. to this day, I think it was fate that I saw it, although I am still not sure the reason.  It was a chat between a follower of mine and her nephew in another city in another State. His profile picture was of him, a 16 year old holding what appeared to be a semi-automatic rifle with a bandana over his mouth and dark clothes and a hoodie over his head. she remarked that she hoped this was not a “real gun.” his reply was simply, “Yes it is real.”

What would you do if you had seen this? I delved deeper into this Facebook account, opening his public profile only to see more photos of guns, a predominate photo display of over 40 guns laid out in the shape of a heart on his cover banner. His Facebook friends, had similar pictures, many holding guns as well. Their ages,… 13 – 16. More disturbing again was the second profile photo a few days later of him in his same attire, but this time with a second male, both standing over a girl on her knees posed like she was being beaten as the second young man had a had raised as if to hit her in the head, and him, again, holding a rifle.  Red flag yet? Futhermore, there was a book that he was a Fan of, as were his friends, it was called the Death Cult. Opening that was horrifying – the book said that anyone who’s name was written in the book, would be killed. Hoax or not, red flag yet?  Adding insult to injury again, a “Like” of one of the most explicit hard rock music groups, controversial and sickening, was now another profile picture of his, along with lyrics of death and killing. Enough red flags yet?  How about the comments of his father buying him a new gun?

This time I did not hesitate to screen capture the Facebook pages. I also looked up the school he attended, emailed both principal and law enforcement safety officer of the school about what I had seen, and asked for a phone call. I never received a response. I made a second email plea. Nothing again. The third phone call was to this city’s police department. An officer called me and completely brushed off my call and said there was nothing he could really do about it.  At the urging of several friends, my fourth call was to the FBI.  Information was shared, and I did reach someone who took a report, who contacted school officials, and bothered to call me back with at least confirmation that everyone was aware of this report now. Because the young man was a minor, details could not be shared,  but I did at least feel as if maybe someone at least now knows about him, about his friends, etc. and are keeping an eye out for him, or better yet “on” him.

I have a lot of questions still, like, .. “Where are his parents?” “Why do they not know what is on his Facebook page?” Who knows. Who then is there for this kid? What kind of mental state can we expect for him and what hope do we have for him and his future? It scares the hell out of me quite frankly to think no one notices him, no one notices others like him.

So, I believe in fact,  it does take a village, it takes people who care, or even if you don’t care, to be aware and ever diligent. Law enforcement can not do everything for us. We must help ourselves, our friends, our neighbors and our children, even those not in our immediate care. Can we NOT be involved as United States citizens?

God Bless the United States,  and pray for the people in Boston, Massachusetts.

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