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On Contracts, Beer, Punishment From The Girls


I know a thing or two about negotiating contracts and addressing home inspection issues with constrctuve solutions, but I dont know a thing about speaking Bostonian. About eight hours of practice, in the cah, in the bah, and I still couldn’t make it come out like a Boston, Mass native!

So, the Girls got a kick out of trying to make this southern girl turn northern for a moment, but ya’ll probably have guessed by now that you “cain’t change some things,” and why bother!

If you are visiting Tallahassee, or relocating to the Tallahassee area, call on a native to show you the best of the cit,y the neigborhoods that may suit your family, the market data that will help you make your next real estate transaction a success and positive experience. We don’t care where you are from, or what accent you have, we welcome you to our culturally diverse city and enjoy your company,

Check out our Relocation pages. Plan your visit to Tallahassee, and let us know you are coming so we can reserve time to show you around.

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