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You Cain’t Come to Franklin County Without a Taste of This!

Smoked Seafood Dip at Boss Oyster's Apalachicola

Smoke Seafood Dip at Boss Oyster’s Apalachicola

Franklin County Florida Tastes Great!

It this don’t make you slap your momma,….as they say around here,.. nothin’ will!  Franklin County Florida is one of my favorite places on earth. The “forgotten coast” and Coastal Highway 98 is by far one of the most scenic, most friendly and most flavorful places in Florida.

Just off the emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico you will experience some of the best dining experiences in the United States. Don’t let the outside of a “lil’ hole in the wall” restaurant stop you form wandering inside. Your belly will be glad you did!

If think you want to stay a while, well call me and let’s find you a Franklin County Florida home for sale where you can eat fresh seafood like this every day and watch the sunrise and sunset all your live-long days!  If you think it’s comical that I talk like this,… well, laugh away, it’s good for the salty soul,  and we like laughter over here by the beach in Franklin County Florida!

What’s your favorite Franklin County Restaurant?

All you old Tallahassee folks and Wakulla County folks – you’re included as you’re just a stone’s throw away!

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