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Friday News – Interesting Things Going On In Tallahassee, Florida| no.1

Tallahassee Florida in the News by Debbie Kirkland RealtorI decided to start a weekly post by putting a twist on what I usually talk about with my real estate customers. Sometimes as a Realtor in Tallahassee, I feel like I say the same things, over and over and over again. Today I felt like I needed some new “material.” I decided to use Google News to research some news out of the ordinary news streams. What I found was pretty interesting and I though, “Wow,” maybe a few people might find this interesting. So, I thought I’d try to include a bit of interesting articles on interesting things going on in Tallahassee, Florida each week. No real purpose except to show a little love for the browsers of the news and the stories that make headlines, and maybe highlight a few hard to find posts with a focus on our very interesting City. Here we go;

  1. Here’s a thought provoking post about our Governor Rick Scott and his penchant for “transparency.” How do you feel about public employees and personal emails? “Rick Scott’s Project Sunburst Email Transparency Program Under Fire Again via @HuffPostMiami
  2. New home buyers and potential relocation residents always ask me about Tallahassee, Florida and the hurricane potential here. Simply living in Florida, you get those kind of questions. It seems that officials are constantly learning, and preparing for incidences – but let’s home we don’t have one any time soon. “Florida evaluates lessons of the 2012 hurricane season
  3. There were some winners in Tallahassee, FL when Rep. Alan Williams divided his left-over campaign Funds. See Who the lucky organizations are: “Paul Flemming: Williams spreads campaign cash to worthy causes|newswell|text|frontpage|s
  4. Evidently a UFO was sighted by a Tallahassee, FL tennis player on Wednesday night. Now, I don’t know about you, but, this would have certainly interrupted my tennis game AND my ability to potentially loose bladder control. It didn’t seem to bother this player. Would you have been a little, “rattled? “Florida witness says triangle UFOs moved in ‘deliberate coordination’”
  5. Tallahassee, FL is truly a diverse, global community. We have several “sister city” exchanges shared with other countries. That brings a lot of cultural value to our city. Education, Technology and Business exchanges are mutually beneficial for our communities. Join me in Welcoming the Russians! “Next generation of Russian government to tour Tallahassee area
  6. Finally, a good neighbor post in the face of what could have been a real tragedy. A resident of Pine Lake Apartments most  likely saved people in her building by pulling a fire alarm and banging on every door to alert fellow residents of an early morning, 4:30AM fire. Way to go Aniya Johnson! “Tallahassee Fire Causes One Million in Damages, 23 People Displaced” Aniya, you are a hero!

Enjoy your weekend, and remember, if you want to know something cool about Tallahassee, FL check the news, but to learn about real estate, ask me, your Tallahassee, FL Realtor.  ~ Debbie Kirkland


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