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Friday News – Interesting Things Going On In Tallahassee, Florida| no.2

Tallahassee Florida in the News by Debbie Kirkland RealtorHappy Friday Tallahassee, FL!  Here’s this weeks interesting reads in the news.  I found a few things I wanted to share this week. These posts are as I mentioned in the first Tallahassee news post, news bits and pieces that are just not jumping out there on major media outlets, but the simple things, the good things in the news about living and working in Tallahassee, FL. Here’s what’s been happening.

1.  The Landscapers around Tallahassee have been busy, maybe this is why: “Plant Bulbs in December for Spring Color”   #Tallahassee has beautiful spring weather and one of my favorite things is seeing beds of bulbs in old neighborhoods. Old residents, my grandmother was one, who always had beautiful plants in her yard. People seemed to spend more time at home, and their yard was a palette of their work all year long.  I’m going to plant some bulbs this year… in honor of my grandparents. How about you?

2.  Is seems my zip code, 32312 in Tallahassee, FL is the best place to get a job after graduating from college!  I’m still trying to figure that out. While it’s certainly a popular side of town where a lot of families are, retirees, golf courses, restaurants, I hope this doesn’t mean more college grads are coming back home after graduation! LOL! I’m interested to see how this got picked, let’s read: “Best Places to go in FL after graduating College”

3.  Some great news released in Tallahassee this week – Over 500 children have been adopted in Florida. Talk about a Christmas present for these children! How wonderful to find loving, welcoming families for children! Take a look: “More Than 500 Children Adopted Across Florida During November “

4. Finally, for this week, leaving you with a photograph by feenixfotography on Flickr of dowtown Tallahassee and the Chain of Parks – beautiful shot!
Winter wonderland


Enjoy your weekend, and remember, if you want to know something cool about Tallahassee, FL check the news, but to learn about real estate, ask me, yourTallahassee, FL Realtor.  ~ Debbie Kirkland



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