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Get Your Tallahassee Home Ready for Hurricanes and Storms

Tropical Storm Isaac Threatening Florida|How To Prepare for A Hurricane in Tallahassee, FL

One of the most frightening things is being in the middle of high winds, and torrential rain and at the mercy of mother nature who is unpredictable and sometimes deadly, not knowing if your home will get damaged or protect your family through a major storm. Being proactive may help ease your mind as storms approach. Today, we are waiting on Tropical Storm Isaac to possibly brush the state of Florida or potentially make landfall in the Panhandle putting Tallahassee, FL at risk as well as the Gulf Coast  neighbors.

Tallahassee home buyers and potential new residents always ask me about “hurricanes,” and if we have many of them. The answer is not, not often, but all it would take is one, for most of us fully grasp what others in Florida have already lived through. Disaster Preparedness services are in place, way ahead of storms thanks to advanced radar and storm tracking.  We have some warning, and we need to pay attention to these warnings and the information available to us.

While Florida is in the path for these type storms, often crossing our state or pounding our coastal areas, one of the biggest threats for Tallahassee, FL is wind damage and fallen trees. We pride ourselves in the beautiful tree lined streets, lots full of gorgeous century-old oaks and tall plantation pines, these re the very things that put our homes at risk in Florida’s Capitol city. While our neighboring counties: Gadsden, Jefferson, Wakulla, Franklin and Gulf counties are at more risk of storm surge and local flooding concerns because of lower elevations, Tallahassee and Leon County residents always find ourselves looking “up” at the tree tops.

What can you do in the event of a hurricane, or high winds of tropical storms to protect your home and yourself in Tallahassee, FL? Here are a few tips:

  • Examine your yard now for diseased or existing damaged trees and remove or trim these trees now, before high winds arrive. Trim trees and limbs away from your home and roof.
  • Examine your roof for lose or damaged shingles. Is your roof secured with hurricane clips or cable tie-downs? (You CAN retro-fit your home! Ask us how!)
  • Clear your yard of lightweight lawn furniture and ornaments
  • Gather and protect your vital documents and place in waterproof containers and keep with you.
  • Check generators, test and have gasoline ready to run them if needed.
  • Last but not least: Check you Insurance Policy – Do you have coverage for “rising water?”

If you lived through Hurricane Andrew, every storm, whether it is a full blown hurricane or not, leaves an uncomfortable feeling upon an approach. Wind, rain and tornadoes often associated with Tropical storms can create flooding, falling tree disasters, flooded homes and streets. Having insurance coverage is critical should these damages occur.

If you were in Florida during Andrew, you know how important it is to be informed and prepared.

The National Hurricane Center is a helpful source if you’re looking for forecast information. And the Florida Division of Emergency Management has information specific to the Sunshine State.

You can keep up online with the National Weather Service on Twitter and Facebook, or following the National Hurricane Center on Twitter. These sites give alerts, and issue alerts as storms approach the area.

In addition to keeping up with the forecast, there are sites like  that have good tips on preparing a Basic Disaster Supplies Kit and staying safe in case storms do make landfall in our area.

Be Safe as Tropical Storm Isaac approaches, do not wait until the lat minute to prepare for any disaster. Let us know how you prepare for storms, and hear from you as you get through this storm.

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