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Homes That Sell Keep Us In Business in More Ways Than One

Home sales spur the economy in many ways. Financial advantages of home-ownership, pride in building a home for a family to grow up in, a home where friends and colleagues gather to celebrate special occasions all help Americans become healthy in more ways than one. Home sales contribute to the domino effect of multi-level economics involving many trade industries.

American citizens are resourceful, they are resilient and they are survivors. surviving a housing market sales decline, the worst in 40 years, and despite the raiding of sacred trust funds specifically set aside to spur housing growth, Americans will find a way to purchase homes for their families. Buying a home, settling in to begin a family, raising children, enjoying neighbors, working together in communities to create lifestyles that foster growth, development and support will always be the American dream.

Disgusted with the news today, CBS, CNN and others, of why people should rent, this post could not come at a better time. Can we all agree that we are fed up with the media feeding frenzy on what they feel is best for the country, a land of renters? Ask me, a Professional Realtor, and I will show you the financial sense when comparing rental to home ownership. As for our Governor and those who do not hold sacred the very funds Florida needs to  rebuild our economy, here’s yet another simple video for you to wake up to every morning. The perfect buying storm is now. Low prices, lowest interest rates in years and deals on properties that are historic.

Ask me CNN, about the families my fellow Realtor professionals have helped achieve their dream, ask me about building not just the economy, but pride in ownership, and the structure that these families are building for their futures.

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