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5 Really Nice Things To Do For Veterans On Memorial Day

Be thankful, share and show your support

united states  flagMemorial Day, celebrations of those serving and who have served, and memories of those who gave their lives and who bought our freedoms. It’s more than a day off, it’s not about politics, it’s really about doing the right thing and showing your patriotism.

Too many times we take for granted what we have here in the United States of America, or how we accomplished all that we have been able to. We forget about those who paved the way to our enjoyment of freedom of speech, of religion, of the right to land and home-ownership and of the right to all that we enjoy without fear of reprisals  from oppressive governments or terrorist factions in our country.

What can you do to thank a Veteran today? Here are 5 Simple Things You Can Do To Acknowledge Veterans on this most important holiday:

  1. Share a thought, a memory, a moment that you shared or spent with your family member or friend that made you reflect on just how proud you are to be an American. Call on a neighbor, a friend, a family member that has or is serving our country and say “Thank You”.” The simplest, most meaningful gesture of all!
  2. Prepare a care package for the recruiting office in your town, or for the Officers at the military reserve unit office closest to you.
  3. Write an open letter of thanks to your local paper, on a public blog or share on your social media profile. Tag your friends who have served and who you honor with your post.
  4. Eating out today? See a service person in the Airport while traveling? Going to a parade? Share a thank you, a hug, an American flag or share a meal with that person. It’s a random act of kindness and appreciation they will not soon forget.
  5. Fly your American Flag with pride. Whether on your home, your business, your car,or on your bike, proudly fly the American symbol of our freedom.

It’s easy, it’s American, and it’s our responsibility to be thankful. God Bless the United States of America and our Troops.

Watch for our new blog dedicated to Veterans, home-ownership, and building homes for veterans with disabilities. I’ve got a conviction to help those who are my heroes, and this is the start. We are dedicated to help you, via our professional lenders, with VA home loans, helping veterans with disabilities receive benefits for building homes suitable for their needs., coming soon.

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