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Florida’s Homes for Hometown Heroe’s Week, July 11 – 17th

Welcome Home Week

No one can appreciate Hometown Heroes more than me!  My family is full of hometown heroes. Close friends serve and protect here in Tallahassee, Florida across the country and overseas. Military,Police, firefighters, nurses, and teachers, you are our heroes! You protect and serve us, often putting yourselves in danger and taking time from your families to serve us. Each of you are heroes in my eyes, each deserve affordable homes where you can lay your head down at night and escape the dangers and responsibilities of keeping us safe and of watching over our children every day. There are special loan programs designed for you to help you purchase a home.

If you live in Tallahassee, FL, have a public service job and are a home-buyer searching for your next home, I want to help you find the way home. Call me today, let me give something back ~ let me help you. Here to counsel you about home ownership, help you with home sales or difficulties, or assist you in your home purchases. Questions will be answered, problems will be solved, obstacles will be overcome. Debbie Kirkland, Realtor is here to help. Debbie Kirkland, Tallahassee, FL resident is thankful for you.

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