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It’s Time! The Renovation Home is Ready and OPEN!

From this... to a whole new home..

From this... to a whole new home..

Open Saturday March 20th from 11am – 2 pm.. and

Sunday March 21st from 2 – 4 pm!

Come see us over the weekend. you will get to see the before pictures.. and then take a walk through what will amaze you… a total transformation!

The sellers of this property at 4103 Cornish Drive, Tallahassee, FL have proven that it is possible to take a home from unmarketable to marketable by making targeted improvements that make this home safe, functional and attractive.

Here’s a list of just some of the repairs:

  1. A NEW Roof – Architectural shingles make this roof really stand out. The texture looks amazing and the lifetime of these shingles is 30 years! Teh work by Allbritton Roofing was so professional!
  2. A NEW HVAC System – The heating and Air system was rusty, moldy and wet. It was located under the house… now, ductwork and the air handler is in the attic making it more efficient, return air vents are in each room, no longer in the middle of the hallway floor. An exterior energy efficient heat pump system is located outside and no longer sitting on the damp ground.
  3. NEW Flooring – The enclosed garage floor is level, holes patched where floor vents and return was located, some leveling throughout made. NEW wood laminate, floating floor system in the living, dining and kitchen areas. Attractive carpeting was added in the bedrooms.
  4. NEW  lighting fixtures were replaced throughout and ceiling fan added to the living room.
  5. NEW remodeling of the kitchen, living room wall was redesigned to expand the kitchen and dining room, eliminating wasted space of alcoves which were framed improperly and unsightly.
  6. NEW Kitchen Cabinets and counter-tops were replaced and made to actually fit the kitchen spaces and secured to the wall. This was very different than in the original kitchen.
  7. NEW storage was created! The large room that once was a laundry with much wasted and unorganized space, was converted into a laundry area, a walk in pantry and a large storage closet.  An attic scuttle hole was created in the storage closet for easy access.
  8. A NEW deck replaces an improperly constructed and rotting screen porch.  Neat, Clean, Simple and Accessible.
  9. NEW landscaping replaces the old, woody bushes that hid the front of this cute home. The entire back yard was re-graded to divert water away from the home and prevent water from entering under siding and into the home through foundation vents that were covered with soil.
  10. The enclosed garage room was properly leveled, and a NEW bedroom/study was created. A rusted, non-functional wood-burning stove was removed and the roof was patched where leaking stove pipe was previously exiting. Drywall was patched and water damaged siding and drywall were replaced along outside walls where once flooded.
  11. NEW Bathroom cabinets replace old, damaged vanities, and NEW hardware complete a neat, updated look.
  12. NEW Interior paint was accomplished from Floor to Ceiling. Rich warm colors that compliment the flooring, cabinetry and Fresh White Trim.
  13. NEW Exterior Paint gave the home a fresh, cared for look and should last 10 years or more!
  14. NEW Electrical work to accommodate all the new systems,  NEW electrical outlets and GFCI outlets placed, per current electrical code.
  15. Treatment of fungus under home. and a closed, secured block foundation where a large, unsecured hole had been cut at old AC unit.

These improvements were huge undertakings. This was not a job that  home-owners could or should try to accomplish themselves. Knowledge of how to cure latent defects and how to remedy the health risks previously encountered takes an experienced contractor. Many portions of this work required permitting and all work is covered by insurance of the licensed contractor, Florida Contractors, LLC. This was a well orchestrated team effort of all the sub-contractors and workers. Despite a very wet, cold, rainy two months, workers stayed with this job until it was complete!

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