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The Census Survey Arrived in Tallahassee!

Today I received my census package! I am sure many others did as well. Am I crazy to think it is pretty cool to receive one?

What is a census survey anyway.. and why is it important to fill it out, some may ask? There are more than just the every decade surveys,.. did you know that? Some are monthly, yearly, etc!

The surveys the US Census Bureau conduct provide information about social and economic conditions in the country, including employment, housing, manufacturing, trade, and many other topics. The questions they ask are used only to produce statistics, and you are never identified individually. Data is protected, and your information is private and secure. It’s really important to complete these,.. and for this once in a decade one, yes it is the law!

This weekend I met a guy at the art show and open house I had at 6475 Tracy Lane who was going to be working with the census bureau to follow up on those who do not respond! Yes! They know who has been bad, and who has been good!

If you ever wonder if you have received a legitimate survey Go to the Census Bureau and check it out! You can Call or E-Mail.

Take a few minutes and fill out your form and return it today!

Take a moment and fill out your Census Today!

Take a moment and fill out your Census Today!

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