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North Florida Black History, Visit the Black Heritage Trail

February is fast approaching and it is recognized as Black History Month.  This month means many things to many people, to me, it is a celebration of culture, diversity and creativity. What arose from struggles gave us freedom of speech, determinatiN-FlaBlckHeritageTrailon for survival and success, and an appreciation for those who gave their lives for those freedoms.

North Florida is filled with rich centers and sites that honor African American history.  We all owe it to each other to understand what came before us, so we can move forward with a deeper resolve to make our world a better place. Here are a few great resources that I enjoy sharing with others:

The North Florida  Black  Heritage Trail is filled with sites that provide significant African American history for visitors. Most sites on this Trail are open during regular business hours.  Click here for printable Map and Brochure of the Black Heritage Trail.

The Timeline of Black History is helpful for all ages and a great review of events.

There are many reasons to celebrate our history. If you are a music history lover, like me, you will enjoy this great video on the Harlem Renaissance: an Artistic Explosion.

My favorite African American Musicians of all time are:

Johnny Coltrane
He played this in Berlin.. 1961, the year I was born!

Louis Armstrong:

Billie Holiday:

There were so many others that I loved.. Nat King Cole, Stan Getz, Duke Ellington, Charlie “Bird” Parker and Sam Cooke.  Are you a blues lover? Have you been to our local Bradfordville Blues Club?  If not, it is a treat for all ages. check out the venue..and as a local where to go to hear the greatest blues and jazz on any Thursday, Friday or Saturday night in Tallahassee!

Above all.. let us remember our history, black history is a part of my American history.

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