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Tallahassee Christmas Light Tour and Small Miracles

It’s a tradition in our family to take a night and make the Tallahassee Christmas Light tour. With the economy in shambles, I think most families look for events just like this to bring the joy of the holidays back. We are spending more time with family and friends.. a blessing in disguise  really!

This year we set out and I captured a few of my favorite shots and spots along the tour and around town.

I’d also be remiss if i did not point out some of the Christmas miracles that took place around Tallahassee as well.

Yes, Virginia, there are Christmas miracles as well, even here in Tallahassee, FL. On Christmas eve, a local family received a NEW Roof. This may not seem like a miracle to you.. but when battling cancer..a roof is the last thing on your mind, and finances are scarce.  Thank you Rowe Roofing! Hungry residents also received a blessing of a traditional Christmas dinner thanks to the Hope House dinner and Project Annie Christmas dinner. Christmas Connection, Salvation Army, all the small individual gifts to those in need. That is what makes Tallahassee a wonderful community. The best thing about Christmas by far is the spirit of giving that constantly brings this community together whenever there is a need.

Tallahassee is a beautiful place to live.. and to visit! Hope you all had a beautiful holiday and were able to get out to see some of the sights!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone.

Dorothy B. Oven Park, Tallahassee, FL

Dorothy B. Oven Park, Tallahassee, FL

Killearn Musical House

Killearn Musical House

Huntington Woods Plantation home

Huntington Estates Plantation home

Dorothy B Oven Park

Dorothy B Oven Park

4 thoughts on “Tallahassee Christmas Light Tour and Small Miracles

  1. Just noticed the plantation home you have with the Christmas lights says Huntington Woods. This house is in Huntington Estates not Woods. Two very different neighborhoods.

  2. Cathy: Thank you for helping me – and sending me this correction. Indeed Huntington Estates is a beautiful neighborhood. It has been a tradition for my family to visit each year for Christmas to see the lights that the neighbors here display! What a treat that brings out the child in all of us! I feature many Tallahassee neighborhoods and properties for sale in these neighborhoods – I have featured Huntington Estates listings and hope to help home buyers find homes here, What a beautiful place to live!

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