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Transforming Your Bath Into a Spa

A long soak in a bubble-filled tub can feel like heaven after a hard day at work”and soaking in a bath that feels like a spa can elevate that happy relaxation. Here’s how you can elevate your home’s bath experience:

Add some greenery. Place a pot of minty eucalyptus on the counter, or any bright greenery that loves moisture, to add a fresh look and feel to your bath. They look pretty and smell relaxing, too!

Add a basket or two. A trick from resort hotels, pile a stack of soft towels on a small stool and put a basket of lovingly chosen lotions and soaps on the counter. Its a quick and easy way to make a bathroom feel luxurious.

Choose bath mats carefully. Fabric mats can collect moisture and get moldy, while a slatted wooden bamboo stays clean longer and adds a little Zen to your retreat.

Introduce aromas. A spa appeals to all your senses, including scent. To aid in relaxation in your homes bathroom, light a candle with a soothing aroma, like lavender or eucalyptus, or put out some essential oils.

Hang some artwork. Give yourself something visual to focus on as you lounge in the tub. Hang a print with a relaxing theme, such as ocean waves or a tropical beach scene.

Add a bath caddy. The shower caddy is too high if youre in the tub. Corral all your bath supplies, from soaps and shampoos to loofah sponges, in an easy-to-reach caddy hung at tub level so they are at your fingertips when you need them.

Tie everything in with a shower curtain. The shower curtain takes up a lot of space in a small room, so hanging a new one with a chic and minimal design can dramatically change the rooms atmosphere.

Make some updates. And if you really want an impressive spa-like bath, make some upgrades like adding heated floors and a rainfall shower head.

Published with permission from RISMedia.

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