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How Do Consumers Shop For Homes? Joint Study between NAR and Google

We Are Tech Savvy Realtors And Recognize Where Consumers Are In Today’s Real Estate Market

Communication text on typewriterIt’s been a long path to not only perform the day to day duties of a Realtor, but to delve into who is the real estate consumer, what do real estate buyers want and how do they want to communicate.  That’s where my research began over 6 years ago, and where it continues into the wee hours of the morning and in those “free” hours on the schedule. Here’s just a little of what I have learned:

Realtors can’t survive in the real estate business today and not have three critical skills:

  1. Market Knowledge and Expertise
  2. A Way to Share That Knowledge and Expertise
  3. Knowing Who You Are Sharing The Knowledge With and Why


The result of marketing research such as “The Digital House Hunt” below, is this website, and others that point to it, providing consumers with much more than opinions and statistics on real estate.  The result is a team designed to deal with customers quickly, professionally and with knowledge of the Tallahassee , FL area. Our website give consumers market information, and a robust property search tool specifically designed and constantly tweeked to provide the home buyer an easy click through to neighborhood listings, to easy search tools and to a way to save their listings and be able to communicate directly with the Realtor.  More importantly however,… it is monitored and customers get a live person within minutes of making a request.  If we are not responsive as Realtors, we will loose your trust and confidence and your business.

As a consumer, we hope to provide you with excellent service and a wonderful real estate experience. While you are wrapped up in a lot of emotion and all the dynamics of finding a home for your family, we will take care of the hard parts of the buying process, the technical, the tedious negotiations and showing aggravations. We want this to be an experience worth sharing.  We hope you will consider working with a savvy, knowledgeable and personable team of Realtors and contact us with your Tallahassee FL property buying needs.

Meanwhile, here’s the skinny on some “Consumer and Market Trends In Real Estate” compiled by NAR research along with Google.

Study Digital House Hunt 2013 01



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