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National Association of Realtors At Work, Waiting on Obama To Interview Us, Not Zillow

NAR President invited to White House

But,… where’s the National news interview?  A few weeks back President Obama interviewed Zillow Executives – a disappointment to REALTORS who have been working in the trenches, contributing to RPAC and hoping that the White House and the President  is hearing what WE are saying, validate the challenges we face, and recognize the accomplishments we have made for homeowners and for the recovery of the housing industry.  Interviewing Zillow, instead of the third largest trade Association in the Nation, over 1 Million strong in membership, was a shock for sure.

In any case, yesterday’s video delivered from 2013 NAR President, Gary Thomas captures a true sense of what we as REALTORS have been working on during this recovery. At least he got a foot in the door. Take a listen. ( may have to fix the video, evidently the code is not working, so here’s the direct link.

[brightcove_video video_id=2676470331001 player_id=1465406675]

Perhaps one day, Realtors will be able to tell the President of the United States what we need, the struggles we still face with the BIG BANKS, and a chance to share the solutions we have for a true housing recovery and an obtainable American Dream.

NAR Press Release:

Realtors® Respond to President Obama’s Speech on Fifth Anniversary of Financial Crisis

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