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We’ve Got Help For The Non-Technology Home Buyer and Seller

Alert! Not Everyone Uses Technology Tools!

You can get information on homes for sale in Tallahassee, FL even if you are not  a tech savvy home buyer! Yes,.. the queen of technology, the lover of all things new, shiny, sleek and productive learned today that there are still people who like holding paper in their hands, thumbing through a magazine, the smell of printer ink or who simply enjoy the company of their Real Estate professional,… in person. We can do that! We will bring our office to these customers in a laptop bag!

More than likely, the non savvy buyer or seller may not see this, but I bet you know someone like this who is in need of a Tallahassee, FL Realtor! If you do read on – we can help your friends and family members.

Last week, I received a call from someone who wanted listing information, who does not have a computer, or an email. Yes, people like this still exist. Her request was for me to mail her some listings. What she doesn’t understand is that this is just not going to work. Not only is is a waste of trees and such, but it is an inefficient way to do business. With today’s technology, even though she may not utilize any, this Realtor is prepared to work with her, from her home to show her properties on a tablet and help her begin an efficient home search. Having mobile technology at my fingertips allows me the freedom to go to places where there are no computers, etc.

The technology I use right now for someone like this customer, is a laptop capable of mobile broadband access, a portable printer, just in case, and a tablet for us to make notes using Evernote regarding the homes that she likes withing the MLS and those she doesn’t and Dropbox as my storage cabinet for her documents that I scanned with Genius Scan, turned into pdf documents for access across the internet and with my cellphone. With cell phones we can set up appointments by text to most all other agents, a few we still have to phone, and in a few hours we will have her in the car, ready to see these properties.

Before my transaction is over, I just may convert a non-user of technology to a believer and a tech savvy consumer, we will see. One thing is for sure, the benefits of a face-to-face meeting far outweigh the cost of mail-outs, the postage, the printing, and the lack of that human touch and relationship.

Is your agent technology savvy? Is he/she using today’s technologies to offer you search tools and property organizers to help you track listings of interest? Is their website interactive and resources easily accessible? Are your files kept in secure online storage where you have access 24/7?  If not, you should give our team a call. We are mobile, we will have you set up in minutes with technology tools to present your home buying experience to your fingertips. Now, if you live out of town, that may be a challenge – but we are up for it!

For an appointment with our sales team, please call 850-212-0440 ~ Debbie Kirkland. Our consultations are free and we welcome your thoughts on using technology in the home buying and selling process! Begin your Tallahassee home SEARCH here!


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