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Home Maintenance|15 Things To Do before Fall Arrives

I’m home today in Tallahassee, FL making a Fall “To-Do” List.  Home with a cold, sitting in the easy chair and it’s a beautiful almost Fall day outside. Football is on TV, and a home-game downtown at Doak Campbell Stadium where FSU is playing Wake Forest, (a game I should be watching from the stands). Instead, I’m thinking of all the things I need to do at home and so I thought I’d make a list of reminders of what to do as the Tallahassee, FL real estate season changes with the arrival of Fall.  While showing properties this week, and the things I’ve noticed, I think others might just benefit from a list as well. So here we go:

15 Things to Do Around Home Before Fall Arrives

  1. Heating and Air Conditioning Service. Filter changes both inside and out, flushing of the condensation line and a ductwork check is in order. I believe in service contracts for the big things, (after having a condensation line that got plugged and leaked into my garage a few years back), and I will handle the inside filters – monthly actually, cleaning of the return air cover, (a pet peeve of mine when showing homes for sale to buyers in Tallahassee, FL).
  2. Blowing off Roof and Cleaning Gutters. Maintaining your roof is critical. If leaves and gutters get backed up, it causes water to rush under shingles instead of flow off them. That’s when leaks occur. Climb up in your attic, look at the areas where pipes stick through the roof – does the plywood look OK, or is there water stains  or or wood rot? If so, call a licensed roofer, don’t try to fix it yourself! This week I’ve see trees growing out of gutters! So look up and grab your ladder and a hose and clear any debris. If you can’t do this, gutter companies or handyman services will assist you.
  3. Trimming back bushes and trees that grew too close to the house this summer.
  4. Clean out flower beds, weed them, replace pine straw or bark chips – just rake out the old stuff, and put new ones in. Keep all that you removed in a compost pile for plantings later! Need a lawn sprucing before the season starts? Call Grass Trimmers Lawn Service, Lonnie Jacobs in Tallahassee, FL and tell him Debbie sent you! You will love his work!
  5. Check exterior water spouts. Replace those that leak, spew water from the handles, etc. When winter comes, prep the spouts for cold freezes as well. This may be a job for a licensed plumber as well!
  6. Re-Caulk windows and doors from the outside! This is something that shows up on nearly every home inspection as one of those things that needs to be done. Caulk will keep critters out, water out and heat and cold out if not wanted! Invest in a $10 caulk gun and a $4 tube of Window and Door Caulk! Still not sure? Call a Tallahassee FL handyman: GT King Enterprises 850-702-6191.
  7. Clean dryer vents and Chimneys. This is a messy job – use a professional! . Jay Walker Enterprises is a great source for you in Tallahassee, FL. 850-599-7668
  8. Clean your windows inside and out. I showed a Million dollar listing for sale last week. I couldn’t believe that the windows, a major feature in the contemporary home, were so dirty it was hard to see through them! Fish Window Cleaning in Tallahassee FL does a great job! Whether you are selling your home or not, it’s a twice a year job. While you are there, check for fogged windows. ( you can replace just the glass, did you know?) Call me I’ve got a window glass repair person for you!
  9. Clean the FloorsCarpet Cleaning eliminates a lot of odors, as well as dirt and grime we track in. A Clean house is a healthy house. Pulling back furniture, mopping wood floors. It will make your whole life feel better.
  10. Closet Purge – This is my favorite. I’m half-way through and already feeling lighter and more organized. I may have even helped some people by donations to Refuge House and my first time home-buyers who are still furnishing their new home.
  11. Review Your Home Insurance Policy – When was the last time you looked at your home insurance plan and coverages? When I was working on my taxes, I cam across my policy paperwork, (#12-Organize), and  I took a look and found I didn’t have coverage for water damage – you know, if a pipe bursts, etc. Time for a talk with my insurance agent. Do you have the right coverages, replacement, accidents and liability, disaster? Time to take a look!
  12. Clean the Patio Grill and Furniture. I love cooking outside, and Fall in Tallahassee is a perfect time for that. Friends, family, or even quiet nights with my four legged- Gracie, I love being outside on a cool night. Just finished that one last week, and the grilling has begun!
  13. Organize the bookshelf. Have you read everything on your bookshelves already? Is there something that you want to read next? I have a few books I’d like to donate to the library and I’ll probably head to the Goodwill bookstore in a few weeks to poke around for a few more treasures. Ever want just a picture book.. no words, just photos, or art?
  14. Re- work your pantry. Ok, after the girls left the nest, I admit, I don’t cook much anymore. My daughter is a fantastic cook and she’s volunteered to come to the house to “organize” the pantry. That means she will probably walk away with half, and throw the other half out. I’m anxious to see what remains and what I can live without. I’m even more excited that she’s agreed to cook for me a few times a week! I already feel healthier!
  15. Lastly, it’s not all about me, or us. Time to get to know the neighbors!  Take a walk around the neighborhood, deliver a bottle of wine to someone you have not seen in while, take a coffee basket to someone you don’t know. My next door neighbors have been moved in for a month, and I’ve been working so hard, I’ve had no time to visit. Heading over tomorrow for a little visiting. A sense of community is rare these days, an odd thing considering this is a time when we need to feel secure, to build trust and contribute to our communities. So, let’s get started!

These are just a few things on my list. A few things I think of every time the Tallahassee weather changes and people start walking, being in their yards and as I start to show homes for sale during shorter, cooler days of Fall.  Time to get busy!

Are you thinking of selling your Tallahassee, FL home? Do you need help and advice from a Realtor on how to prepare your home for sale? CONTACT US for help selling your home!


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