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Urban Living in Tallahassee, Attractive for Gen Y

Tallahassee Urban Homes For Sale Are In Demand With Gen Y Buyers

Midtown Tallahassee typical homeResearch shows that there are cycles neighborhood home values and interests. Gen Y’s are attracted to the cozy Internet cafe’s and Tallahassee coffee shops. They relate to the social interaction of their like-minded friends who are captivated by old things revived, mixed with edgy accents and accented with multi-cultural flair of urban areas. Tallahassee urban homes can be found in areas like Midtown and along it’s fringes.

Midtown Tallahassee is an area of resurgence and revitalization and is in high demand from Gen Y home buyers. Situated in the heart of the city, in a compact zone surrounded by historic neighborhoods of Lafayette Park, Los Robles, Sunniland just South of Lake Ella.

Midtown Tallahassee has become quite the hub for quaint and unique boutique shops, ecclectic restaurants, bars, nightlife and music venues. Urban homes in midtown offer the unique, historic features that today’s discriminate buyer seeks and often builds upon when remodeling and restoring homes in this area. Homes for sale in urban midtown range from a lower price range and square footage large enough for family and small businesses.

Midtown is a walking community as well. While most streets contain streetlights, sidewalks are currently relegated to the Thomasville Rd. area along this main thoroughfare in midtown Tallahassee. Parking is limited in this area and valet services are available,.. sometimes!

Wondering what your Midtown Tallahassee home is worth? Searching for a Midtown Tallahassee home? Need help locating your dream home in the heart of Tallahassee? Our Tallahassee home-buying team can help you with your search.

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