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Where the Heck is Tallahassee, FL?

Where is Tallahassee, FL? How Do I Get To Tallahassee, FL?


“To read the papers and to listen to the news… one would think the country is in terrible trouble. You do not get that impression when you travel the back roads and the small towns do care about their country and wish it well.” Charles Kuralt, (American radio and television Correspondent and Journalist, 1934-1997)

It’s really not that hard to find Tallahassee, FL. If you think back, you learned about Tallahassee, FL in the  4th grade when you memorized the State Capitols. Yes, it’s still the Florida State Capitol!

There have even been quite a few songs written about Tallahassee, FL as well. Freddy Cannon in ”Tallahassee Lassie”; MayDay Parade in “Your Song” mentions “And all the Tallahassee skylines, they keep singing out a song;” Aerosmith in “Last Child”, “take me back to South Tallahassee”; T-Pain in “Tallahassee Love”,…but where is Tallahassee, Florida? These people know where to find Tallahassee!

Tallahassee, Florida is in Leon County which is in North Florida in the “Panhandle”. 203 ft. above sea level. 35 minutes to the Gulf of Mexico! 20 Minutes to the Georgia border. Tallahassee, FL is home of the Prime Meridian Marker from which all land surveys originate.

Is Tallahassee, FL close to you? How far of a drive is it?

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to Tallahassee, FL 2300 miles  1 day

New York City to Tallahassee, FL  — 1096 Miles    18 hours 43 minutes

Atlanta, GA to Tallahassee FL   —  258 miles   4 hours 56 minutes

Chicago, IL to Tallahassee, FL  —  961 miles  16 hours 29 minutes

Missoula, MT to Tallahassee, FL  — 2411 miles  1 day 15 hours

Seattle, WA to Tallahassee, FL  — 2852 miles  1 day 23 hours

Denver, CO to Tallahassee, FL  — 1627 miles 1 day 3 hours

San Francisco, CA to Tallahassee, FL  2571 miles  1day 18 hours

Las Vegas, NV to Tallahassee, FL – 2059 miles  1 day 10 hours

Bar Harbor, ME to Tallahassee, FL  – 1599 miles  1 day 3 hours

Pittsburgh, PA to Tallahassee, FL  – 900 miles  16 hours 2 minutes

Memphis, TN to Tallahassee, FL  – 533 miles  9 hours 22 minutes

Dallas, TX to Tallahassee, FL  – 833 miles  14 hours 8 minutes

Mobile, AL to Tallahassee, FL  242 miles  4 hours 0 minutes

Panama City Beach, FL to Tallahassee, FL 111 miles  2 hours 11 minutes

Miami, FL to Tallahassee, FL  480 miles  7 hours 54 minutes

So, you see, Tallahassee, FL is accessible and incredible! Come visit…See what we have to offer and why I love living in Tallahassee, FL!  Thinking of moving to Tallahassee, FL? Ask for a FREE Tallahassee, FL Relocation Package, we’ll get one our to you immediately!