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Labor Day – Celebrating Working as a Realtor in Tallahassee, Florida

Good Day and Happy Labor Day!  Last year’s Labor Day post on this blog was very similar to what I was going to write today. First a little history of Labor Day then a report on how I was going to spend my Labor Day.  It’s turning out to be a totally different post, so you may want to read last year’s post first then this one!

Here’s an interesting story about that post, and it inspired me to write, of all things, a post on pricing your home properly and why no offer is a bad offer, but perhaps they are just offers that need some tweaking!

Price your home right the first time when selling your home!Last year I was showing property to a customer from Queens. I am happy to say that one year later we are in contract, on the same home she picked last year, and for $20,000 less of a sales price than the offer we presented last year. At the time, the owners,marketing their own property as a For Sale By Owner, would not consider an offer of $295,000 on a sales price of $319,000. Today, their home is listed at $309,000 with a Realtor, and their agreed upon contract amount is $275,000 less 6% sales commission, $28, 850 less than the original offer (after commission fees).  What they do have is a clean offer, the same clean offer as before with a qualified buyer at a fair market value, which is unfortunately, about 10% less than last year. Like many sellers today, they have chased the market down, until they met the market price – what a willing and able buyer was offering them!

If you are a seller,#1 work with a Realtor, the chances of you selling your home by yourself in today’s bloated market are less than 5%. #2 There is no such thing as a bad offer, just an offer needing negotiation. Realtors are masters at negotiations and can help you reach your goals. #3 Price your home at or slightly below market value for exposure to more buyers- make it compelling enough that they see the “value” in purchasing your home over others.  If you are considering selling your Tallahassee, FL home, call me today for a true picture of your home’s value and an assessment of what you need to do to get your home market ready. There’s work for all to do before the sign goes up in the yard!

Are you considering selling your Tallahassee home? Put Debbie Kirkland, and the Home Sales of Tallahassee Team to work for you! Contact us for a free home selling consultation.


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