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Get the Kids Out of the House, Into A New House of Their Own

Get Your Student a House near campus that will make you money, it's not rocket science! Debbie Kirkland Realtor will show you how!An Empty Nest is a great Investment!

A little gem of a listing is still on the market,just waiting for a parent of a student. Great home, neat, clean, new carpet, paint,appliances.. it’s amazing!  It’s near Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College,… and here’s a little about the home’s investment potential. (not to mention the fabulous peace of mind you could have!)

People! Let me break down a “Win-Win” for parents looking to send their kid to college and who think they want to purchase a home… or worse yet,.. rent for four years.

Option 1

Sales Price: $115,000

20% Down and a payment of $720/month Principle, Interest, Taxes and Insurance.

Rent $350/room ( yes that is low for Tallahassee, but let’s be conservative)

Profit: $330/month  ( you’ve just paid for your kids share,…..!)

So,.. You don’t have 20% Down…   Option 2:

Let’s go FHA, 3.5% Down

3.5% down and a payment of $900 month

3 kids, $350/month Rent

Profit: $150/month  – There’s the cable TV/Internet.

I love my job…. now someone needs to think like I think and we can celebrate you making money when it closes!  No loud music, no dirty laundry, no late night TV,.. their really in a great place… away from home!

Here’s the amazing house I am talking about 2108 Bullocks Run,.. and here’s another (should get $450/month for this one,..) at 2107 Old Bainbridge – even closer to FSU.


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