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Debbie’s Deals of The Week – Tallahassee Real Estate Bargains

Debbie Kirkland's Team of Real Estate Professionals working with real estate buyers, sellers and investorsReal Estate values are available, but how do you find them?  That is the question everyone seems to be asking. I hear from folks all the time who say to me, “If you come across a great real estate deal in the Tallahassee area, the Quincy area, the Gulf Coast area, or a foreclosure, a fixer-upper, a bank-owned property, call me!”  I’d be happy to,…but there’s a catch. You need to hire our Tallahassee real estate team!

This is my full-time job. Looking for real estate deals, scouring property records, driving neighborhoods, meeting with home or property sellers, making contacts with people who need or want to sell their Tallahassee area real estate is my life, every day, nearly 90 hours every week. I have an organized real estate team that helps me coordinate real estate buyers. Their biggest job is determining who is a SERIOUS buyer and who likes to ride around in a car and sight-see. My team only work with serious buyers, who know how much they can spend, who have a

budget, who need a certain rate of return on their investment and who have time-lines for accomplishing their purchases.  The sooner we begin working together, the sooner you will poised to purchase. If you think that you will luck up on a bargain on your own, think again. You are very likely to get caught in legal quagmires that you can not understand or do not have time to deal with, or at the very least waste precious hours and hard-earned money by making mistakes that will  ultimately sour you on your real estate purchase. Don’t be one of those consumers.

Here is what my team of experienced agents will offer you as a real estate investor, home buyer or as y

ou plan your next purchase:

  • Consultation Services including Investment Analysis, Home Buyer Orientation and Market Condition Reports
  • Preliminary Property Evaluations BEFORE you look at properties
  • Technology Tools that will allow you to preview homes at your leisure via your computer, smart-phone or by conference
  • Contract Negotiations that will give you a buyer’s advantage and result in a profitable long term investment
  • Communications that are personal and tailored to your specific needs
  • Contact with mortgage professionals, home inspectors, appraisers and title companies you can trust

Plan ahead for your real estate purchase. There are few steps you can take now. Take a look at the Buyer FAQ‘s,  Before you begin your real estate search consider the value of working with my team of experienced agents who ONLY work with SERIOUS buyers. We won’t be catering to the tire-kickers and undecided buyers. Time is Money! A great resource we provide for you is a MLS Search tool that will allow you to organize your searches, save your favorite properties, link to all the new listings, short sales and foreclosure properties in the Tallahassee area.

If you want to work with Debbie Kirkland and the Home Sales of Tallahassee Team contact us immediately, fill out the form below.

If you are thinking of investing or purchasing a home or land or commercial property, let’s get you started now, let’s set up your first consultation today.

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