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Questions from a Realtor for a Home Buyer

A good Realtor will have a few questions for prospective buyers. a great Realtor will explain their policies with you upfront. Honor your Realtor and you will receive the ultimate in customer service. Remember,.. this person is about to spend hours setting up systems that will help you find the perfect property, in her/his office, databases, communications, multiple listing service as well as even more time researching or previewing properties that may meet your needs and providing those to you. (Did you know that most Top Producing Realtors work between 80 – 100 hours a week?) Ultimately, even more time and money is spent in advance in showing you properties, driving to and from, taking time from other customers, family and friends to devote just to you, (often into the night and on weekends and holidays!) So, before a Realtor just pops up to “go and show,” there are a few questions they will ask of you as well!

Questions you may hear from your Realtor:ComputerSavvy

  • Do you understand the Representation Agreement? Do you understand that this is a reciprocal agreement? Loyalty to customer = loyalty to Realtor!
  • Will you call on your Realtor only, to view properties, even if listed by other agents, or to notify them when you visit open houses held by new construction salespersons or fellow colleagues, (ask your Realtor for extra business cards!), and before you call a For Sale By Owner?
  • If you are asked to sign a “Buyer’s Broker Agreement” do you understand that this is a contract and a promise for dual loyalty and performance and payment if this Realtor finds the property you have asked them to find?
  • Do you understand that you should not be afraid to sign such an agreement? It is simply to protect your interest of getting service, and a Realtor’s interest of being paid for their services. You are serious about buying a home, right?
  • Do you agree to get pre-qualified or provide proof of your ability to purchase (required when submitting an offer anyway!)
  • Do you agree to be honest and truthful?
  • Do you agree to follow the instructions of your Realtor and the requirements of a contract for sale and purchase?
  • Do you understand how your Realtor is to be paid?
  • Do you agree that if this Realtor does not work out, that you will allow that person find a Realtor who may be more suitable for you?

Again, it is imperative that you hire a professional, that you know what to expect both from that person and during your transaction. You are in control, but there is a level of respect and cooperation that is mutual.

If you are searching from properties and you are just calling randomly off signs, please do not be offended when a Realtor asks you:

  • Are you working with another Realtor, and if so, who that is so that he/she may try to reach them for you (That Realtor is who should gather information for you, to arrange showing appointments, etc. – If they cant… then we WILL HAPPILY COOPERATE with our fellow agents!)
  • If not, would you agree to schedule an appointment with that Realtor following this showing to discuss a working relationship?
  • What is your time-frame for purchasing, your urgency, and your ability to purchase (have your pre-qualified)?
  • Are you willing to pay for my time in working with you should you change your mind about purchasing?

These questions are not meant to invade your privacy, but are meant to help an agent prioritize not only their time with customers who urgently need their attention, but to possibly help find another agent who may be able to work with you.

If you are hesitant to answer,.. then understand the hesitancy of a seasoned professional to work with a non-cooperative buyer. Given issues of safety, of discretion and respect for owner-occupants specific showing instructions or special needs as well as agents and their families, these are important questions.

So, this is the true real estate world reality. It’s more than 30 minutes, and instant gratification. It is a lengthy process and in today’s market, in the world in which we live,.. we are all getting back to the basics. That includes taking time to reflect, to honor one another and to provide the respect that each of deserves. This is just one way sellers, buyers and Realtors can work with each other.

Nobody works harder than Debbie Kirkland for her customers!

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