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Tallahassee, Florida Ripe for Building Big Business

You build it, they will come. Economically, we have proven that this works in Tallahassee. Prime example, Southwood. A planned unit, mixed use development still growing, surrounded by a growing commercial area, Publix, Starbucks, etc. all who had a vision for the business to come.  Some are going to argue with this post, saying, “Have you seen the foreclosures in Southwood? Are you oblivious to the unemployment rate in Tallahassee?”  My answer is, “No.” 

I am a third generation Tallahassee native. I not only see what is happening, but I feel what is happening with employment here in Tallahassee. (Remember, I am self-employed 100% commission!) However, what I do see, that most seem to forget, is that people are hanging on here. Tallahassee, Florida offers a quality of life that people seek when looking for a place to live, to raise families, to retire. Entrepreneurs and small business people have a spirit of perseverance. Creativity and community support rise up in times of economic struggle.  Unemployed citizens scramble for any and every possible way for them to stay here in this city. Tallahassee is home to a population that wants to see it grow and who will stay to see it support itself.

City and County officials are increasingly aware of the Tallahassee, Florida’s citizens needs and desires for growth. This year’s elections spurred dozens of community forums where hundreds of citizen and professional organizations and small business owners have vocalized their concerns promising to remain “watchdogs” of these officials to insure a higher level of accountability in the years to come. All more reasons to consider Tallahassee Florida and it’s citizens as a home base for technology based, industrial and medical based businesses.

These are the positive things I see:

  • Citizens are what make this city what it is. Citizens have never been more active in participating in not only electing officials most qualified and dedicated to running our government, but in working with these officials to insure that we do grow in the ways that support our citizens.
  • There is a huge skilled workforce in Tallahassee. There are brilliant minds, medical professionals, cutting edge mechanics, engineers and computer scientists who are innovative and creative, world recognized artists, musicians and fine arts performers. There are restaurateurs and chefs, graduates of a culinary school who are primed for work, ready to offer their services and grow their careers. 
  • There are more than 60,000 students that pass through our college systems and graduate from our universities and community college. Why wouldn’t a business want to employ hungry graduates, primed for entry level positions. Would student’s think about staying here if they knew they had jobs and could advance within a corporation? Students came to Tallahassee because they love our universities. They live here, they know what the community has, and what it needs to sustain them after graduation.
  • The Leon County’s school district is an “A”-rated district, with 33,000 undergraduate students. In addition to traditional high schools, the district also offers a non-traditional magnet high school, Sail and an International Baccalaureate Program. Also, Lively Vocational-Technical Center offers a broad range of career-oriented programs.
  • County and city governments have collaborated during the recession in seeking to stimulate the area’s economy. The county waived permit fees for the extension of environmental management permits and partnered with the city in helping to finance a downtown mixed-use retail and office building called Gateway Tallahassee. This year, the county created a countywide energy improvement district to help residents finance the weatherization of their homes and businesses and help create “green” jobs — the first such effort by a Florida county.
  • Projects to stimulate growth such as the Gaines Street Development Project, affecting Gaines Street,College Town and FAMU Way will provide jobs and bring opportunities for an art-district to expand and develop, all within walking distance of the Capitol, FSU and FAMU universities.
  • An Economic Development Council is playing  a big part in helping facilitate growth and development and in developing incentives for businesses considering a Tallahassee location.
  • Commercial Real Estate is at an all time low, infrastructure is in place and incentives for bringing business to Tallahassee are in place and negotiable.

Take a look at a few of these commercial properties, what can you do with them? Got an idea? Call me for discussion.

Join Tallahassee Florida thought leaders, consider Tallahassee for Your Business Base. The people of Tallahassee, Florida welcome new business. For business opportunities,  and a list of commercial properties for sale, contact Debbie Kirkland.

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