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365 Things To Do In Tallahassee – Day 12 – Have a BBQ

Yes! It’s summer and not a night goes by you don’t smell some charcoal and smoke from a nearby Bar-b-Que. Tallahassee, Florida’s weather lends itself to afternoon rain showers, and cool summer evenings. Whether you are cooking for one or a crowd, there’s always time for grilling. Students love grilling to, and it’s great to see all the grilling during tailgate time and football season.

Many a memory will be made when you invite a few friends over or gather with family and talk about food. From the preparation to the cooking, nothing is better than sharing your grilled food with others. Sharing secret recipes and tall tales seems to follow the smoke around here too!

Personally, I prefer the Weber with a hickory charcoal and started with the chimney,.. no lighter fluid.  For others, a variety of gas grills or electric are preferred because they are quick and easy, always accessible. Weber is just tradition at my house.

Want to be the next grill master? Try a few of these great grilling recipes as well! Or, share your favorite here in the comments!

The Tallahassee Fire Department offers these tips for grilling.

Enjoy, be mindful of safety when grilling.  Here are a short video on preparation as you begin your grilling season!

When building or re-modeling your next home remember to design your perfect spot for outdoor entertainment and grilling! For a consultation with your custom home builder in Tallahassee, FL, Contact Debbie Kirkland, Realtor.

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