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365 Things To Do In Tallahassee – Day 10 – The Capitol

Perhaps I should have started with the Capitol on my first post, since many don’t know that Tallahassee is the Capital of Florida! In any case, a tour of the Old Capitol and the newer Capitol are a treat for both residents and visitors in Tallahassee.

The Old Capitol building that stands downtown facing Apalachee Parkway and North Monroe street was completed in 1845. It was the second building, the original built in 1826. The Old Capitol Building was nearly torn down in 1970’s when the new capitol was planned. I remember this, as a child, and the talk of how horrible it would be to loose that building and the history behind it. Plus, it was so traditional, and plans for the new building was so modern, many did not want to loose that building. It was saved by community activists and residents and restored to a 1902 look, complete with striped awnings. The restoration project was one of the country’s largest renovations. Historic Capitol Brochure.

On the bottom floor is the Florida Legislative Research Center & Museum. **OLD CAPITOL – This is a self-guided tour located across from the New Capitol, for informFlorida Capitol during Great American Realtor Days in Tallahasseeation call (850) 487-1902.

The newer Capitol Building, sits inside the surrounding house and senate buildings and the new Capitol Building which is 22 stories and 300 feet tall. At it’s top it is over 500 feet above sea level. On a clear day, you can see a beautiful view that stretches to the coast on the South side of the Capitol.

Tours of the new takes about 45 minutes. Go to the Information Desk located on the Plaza Level of the New Capitol. For information call and scheduling (850) 488-6167. Groups must call for reservations, as far in advance as possible.

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View from the top of the Florida Capitol in Tallahassee

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