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How the Tallahassee Market Compares to The Rest of Florida

People always ask me about home prices in Tallahassee and how they compare to the rest of the State of Florida. Tallahassee is fortunate when compared to some markets, yet others have faired even better.

Real estate is truly local in nature. Every city is different, sometimes neighborhoods within a city can vary in sales statistics as well. Remember this when shopping for a home. Don’t be fooled to think just because you lost money in the sale of your home, that you should expect a market to compare to your city, or neighborhood.

The following statistics compare year-end single-family home sales statistics and median single-family home sale prices from year to year beginning in 2006, in what many consider the height of the market and ending in 2009.

2006 Florida: Single Family Home Sale Statistics

2006 year end home price sales statistics

2007 Florida: Single Family Home Sale Statistics

2007 Single Family Home Sales Stats

2008 Florida: Single Family Home Sale Statistics

2008 Florida Single Family Home Sales Chart

2009 Florida: Single Family Home Sale Statistics

2009 year end Single Family Home Sales Stats

No matter where you look, the prices are still affordable, there are good, solid buys for real estate in Florida. Where else will you find no State sales Tax, the ocean never farther than 180 miles from any where in the State, and a climate that offers you year round enjoyment. Relocating to Florida? Call me today for a referral to a Florida Realtor!

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