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Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory, And Then Some

Blindfolded businessmanReal Estate, who knew it could be so glamorous, so rich and rewarding,.. and so revealing?  If I were not a real estate agent, I would seriously not know what I would do for fun. Every day this job reveals one more thing that makes me just grin and say, “Wow!”  How does that song go,…  “God is great, beer is good and people are crazy!” It’s so true in real estate isn’t it?

This post is for all those home buyers and home sellers who think Realtors make SO much money, fancy cars, and work 9 to noon. There’s a lot you just don’t know about Realtors, a little more behind the glamor than you might guess!

One of these days, I’m gonna call some of my Realtor friends, and you know who you are, and we’re going to put that book together, the one with all the crazy wild stories of “things seen during showings,” “the stupidest things you ever did, and wonder how you ever tied your shoes that day,” and all the “crazy S#*t that customers say,… and really believe,” and of course let’s just take a vote now on who has seen the most naked people. That’s a phenomenon that Realtor’s share across the country it seems. My friend Chris Griffith, Realtor in Bonita Springs says she’s “ just one naked person away from real estate bingo!” I believe her!

Have you ever noticed, those veteran Realtors at our new agent inductions always seem to have a smirk on their face when the “oath of the Realtor” is read during new Realtor installations and when the part comes up about “answering the call at the most inopportune times.” Do the newbies  really, really know what’s coming? Bwahahaha!  New agent mentorship, has its merits, just some advice. It would certainly put a few things in perspective like, “don’t take yourself so serious, you WILL have that moment!”

Many of us have stories to tell, and we love the ones that make us laugh at ourselves,… and even more at each other. What other profession, besides the Blue-Collar Comedy show, leaves you shaking your head and saying, “Here’s your sign!”  The temptation to leave a “mom note” on the fridge in a few of those campus cocoons leaves me scrambling for my post-it-notes.

Then there is the best of times… when cookies have been left on the counter,.. and some fresh squeezed lemonade. Makes it all worthwhile, now doesn’t it! Thanks Mom,.. you’re one of the few who do this. That’s classy!

So who has a story and is willing to share it?

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