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Buying A Home In Tallahassee, Florida Without A Realtor

Don’t Gamble With  Your Home Search

Dont gamble with Your Real Esatate Transaction, Hire a RealtorPeople still buy homes in Tallahassee, Florida without Realtors. Yes they do. Unfortunately, those buyers often end up with issues that they have no clue as to how to solve, much less have a clue as to who can solve their dilemmas.

A few years ago, I answered the call from a buyer desperate and sitting in a moving van wondering where his family was supposed to go because his transaction fell apart at the closing table. The attorneys for the seller, where he had unknowingly agreed to close, kept a binder check, and hurried him out the door because it was almost 5:00pm. He was desperately calling Realtors out of a real estate magazine, and I happened to be his fifth call.

We settled that disagreement, 11 days later. Showing up with representation, having a Realtor to negotiate a path through  a few minor disagreements, made a difference for both parties. No one was more ready to leave an extended day hotel than those three children and their parents. I got paid with a handshake and the comfort of knowing that when these people sell, if they ever sell, I will certainly be their Realtor of choice. I’ve also gotten three referrals from this couple, who have been more than gracious.

So why DO buyers use Realtors? Why in the world would you not? Can you put one of the largest financial investments yu will makein your lifetime at risk? Do you really “know” the seller of the home you are buying?  Do you have a back-up plan should you loose your binder deposit?  Would you know local repairmen or licensed contractors should a major repair be needed, or which ones need permitting? Will you be able to negotiate through a crummy appraisal issue or insurance glitch such as a required roof replacement? There are more reasons than instances such as the crisis mitigation scenario cited above.

Here are 4 reasons buyers use Realtors:

  • Working with one Realtor give a buyer a multitude of professional resources and personal service that provide a buyer with knowledge, confidence and security during their home buying process.
  • Realtors use a Multiple listing service and have access to property record data fields that provides them with statistical data that gives them property information, sales data, market trends and comparable sales data that is not available to the public. Buyers of homes are given search tools, as well as that market  information and use it to make informed, educated offers and to negotiate the best price and terms of an offer.
  • Realtors also guide buyers in the home selling process when looking at homes, following their list of wants and needs in a home as well as their motivations and concerns when looking at particular properties.
  • Most importantly, Realtors create an ability for buyers and sellers to operate in an arms-length manner, so that transactions can be in a civil, financially sound, professional manner.

This Realtor, and her team at Home Sales of Tallahassee, offers much more than this as well. We are tech-savvy, ready to provide information, work in a virtual environment which makes us accessible anywhere we happen to be. Communications are possible anywhere there is a cell phone or wi-fi signal. We have the latest tools for buyers to search for their properties as well as view their locations by map, satellite and via live video previews. We have what it takes to operate efficiently and to help buyers make the most of their time when searching for homes.

If you’d like to schedule a buyer’s orientation appointment take a few minutes and call us at 850.212.0440 or email us at We will reserve an hour for your appointment whether you are in Tallahassee or outside our area. We can live conference with you as needed!

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