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Ramping Up A Blog and Tallahassee, FL Information

A Blog Challenge and Talk Tallahassee Blog

the blog challengeOne of my social media mentors Riccardo Bueno with Diverse Solutions is holding a challenge, “31 Days To Build a Better Blog” .  I’ve subscribed to the challenge, consisting of exercises to help me build this blog, Talk Tallahassee, into a more informative, focused blog. Part of the challenge is to come up with an elevator speech. To me,  it seems like a mission statement.

So, if we met at a networking event here’s what I’d say:

Hi I’m Debbie Kirkland, I’m a Realtor and I write a blog called Talk Tallahassee. I’d  love to have your input on my posts so that I can help people learn what makes Tallahassee a great place to live and why it’s a great place to call home.  Here’s my card, can you take a look at it sometime this week and give me a call?

I’ve been blogging now for about two years, and my goals were to provide information to buyers of real estate who are not from Tallahassee with a resource of information and an insight into what the Tallahassee community has to offer. For sellers, it is a way to showcase your neighborhoods, your homes, and what it is that you love about them. I admit, it’s been a little scattered. finding time to write while working has been another challenge all together!

In my listing presentations, I always ask my sellers to write a little something about what they love about their homes, what attracted them to purchase, and what they want to share with a new owner. I make those statements a part of my presentation to home buyers and to my marketing plan. In the same way I ask my sellers to help me, I’m going to solicit your help in this challenge!

I want this blog to be an arm of not only of my real estate interests, but a source of information that people enjoy reading and will pass along to others. I’m here to sell some real estate, but more than that, I’m here to help people make decisions about buying new homes, investment properties and second homes.  I want your help, so I’m asking you to comment, participate in the posts, conversations, etc. What do you want to know about Tallahassee, about real estate?  Help me make this blog better for you and for others who are reading it! Ok, here we go @Ribeezie!

One thought on “Ramping Up A Blog and Tallahassee, FL Information

  1. Thanks for joining us Debbie! You’re gonna rock it 🙂

    Now, re: “finding time to write while working has been another challenge all together!”

    Here’s what I would do…the next time someone asks you a question (a client or a prospective client), blog your response! This way, you can revert to it on your site frequently. Like Chris Brogan says: Write it once, share it often.

    Heck, you might even write another post all-together on your “Listing Presentation” process.

    The idea is to find opportunities to write as you go about your day to day. Everything is an opportunity for a new post. Even having lunch at that local cafe (write a review!). Show everything that Tallahassee has to offer and more!

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for joining us on the challenge and loved your submission yesterday! Talk to you soon…

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