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Don’t be a Drip, Don’t get Captured, Get Real!

Mr. and Mrs. Home Buyer, what’s the thing you hate most about home shopping? I bet I know! ( been around long enough to hear the stories). Could it be that you are riding around, calling on real estate signs and getting different Realtor every time you call. I bet before you get home, you’ve got 15 home listings in your email,… from 15 different Realtors. Congratulations  you have just become a “Drip!”

These agents are loading you into their databases, and you will never hear from them again, except for the drip, the drone of MLS listings that may or may not meet your search criteria. Yes,  you have now been “captured” and will be getting emails, newsletters, calendars, and market reports from 15 Realtors you have never met face to face! What? Are you a drip? Stand up for yourself,.. don’t be a drip!

You are not alone, take a look. others are tired of being Drips as well:

How to Avoid Being a Drip

If you’ve made the commitment to purchase a home, then make an appointment to interview a Realtor, interview 3 or 4 Realtors, then CHOOSE a Realtor. work with that one agent and stick to  your Realtor, they will be working with you and you need to trust that person as a professional. ( You’ve seen my contact info at the top of this page, right?)

Maybe you are a home seller as well. You need the facts!  You need a dynamic marketing plan, and aggressive Realtor who will give your listing personal attention, review with you sales stats and pricing strategies to help you put money into your bank account. That’s what you are tyring to do, right? Work with me here folks,… I’m trying to help!

Maybe your Realtor knows that you need to sell you home back in Whazoo.  You too can benefit from choosing a Relocation Realtor.  Once you find a Realtor who is professional, ethical, and networked, that Realtor will be able to find an agent who is equally as capable in Whazoo. In my office, I make those relocation referral calls myself, I’ve got to the the warm and fuzzy and the professional mojo as well. If not, then interview #2 or 3, and so on, until I find the agent that will help my customer. (I’m going to choose the right one so I won’t become a drip too!)

If you need more information on home-buying or selling, or if you need to relocate to a new area or sell a home in another area, I will help. First, we’re going to have a long talk, a good talk, and then if we like each other, we are going to work together. However, when it’s all said and done, you can put me on your Christmas drip, now that’s a drip to write home about!

Don't Sign Call, Choose YOUR Realtor before you look

Don’t be a drip, Choose a Realtor, Don’t just sign call!

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