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QR Codes, Candy for Buyers Who Are Smartphone Users

Oh the things you leqrcodearn at Real Estate BarCamps or technology conferences. Being in real estate is about changing with the times. The Time for learning innovative marketing techniques and ways to give savvy buyers “Quick Responses” that can be viewed on the go has arrived. These “QR” codes can be viewed by smartphones with QR Code Reader Applications such as Google Goggles for your Android Phone, or several¬† iPhone QR readers and several others. The apps lead you to photograph the code, then translate that to the website where you can view more information.

So what would a Realtor want with this kind of contraption? Well, how many times do sellers ask, “How many people have you shown my home to?” or “Is anyone looking at my home?” QR Codes allow Realtors to track who is seeing their listings, and give us information on those people such as what kinds of people are interested in it so that we can adjust marketing plans and niche market.

These codes are put into websites, into marketing materials, magazines and print advertising, and even on real estate signs! (Coming this week to Debbie Kirkland’s Listings!)

There is certainly a shift in marketing. Shifts not only in marketing listings, or locating buyers, but in how Realtors market themqrcodeselves. I spend a lot of time asking buyers and sellers what they want in a Realtor. I have found buyers and sellers want to work with a real estate agent utilizing the most innovative, productive marketing tools to help them reach their goals, and one that is resourceful and respectful of making the most of their customer’s time. Time management, organization, data production ~ customers want to cut to the chase and to accomplish their goals more effectively and efficiently. It’s more and more about timely communication and depth of marketing outreach.

So, forward thinking we go… watch for QR Codes on my listings soon! If you see one, send it to your friends! Get your reader and take a look at this new listing and the message above!

Want a Marketing plan for your home that reaches more buyers, want a QR Code for your home?

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Realtor Since 2002. Top 5% In Tallahassee, Florida. Member, 2012 President, Tallahassee Board of Realtors I love sharing information and photographs of the Tallahassee, FL area. I'm a native and know the area well and love finding homes for people in the area as well as being a resource by sharing what I love about my hometown! I want your real estate referrals as well ~ So check out my website, get to know Tallahassee or SEARCH for area homes, and contact me soon!

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4 thoughts on “QR Codes, Candy for Buyers Who Are Smartphone Users

  1. Lesley Lambert, Western MA Realtor, was a pioneer in QR codes for Realtors. her post at: Left me eager to learn more about QR Codes. then when I met Cyndee Haydon, my Realtor friend in Sarasota, and she handed me a business card with a QR code on it..I got it and the wheels started to turn. QR Codes,.. not just for real estate! Thanks Ladies!

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