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365 Things To Do In Tallahassee – Day 18 – Dedman School’s “2010 Wine & Food Festival”

Don’t miss this event in September! Diane Dulcie, Chair-Elect for the FSU Family Connection Board of Directors, wrote a great article on Florida State University’s Dedman School of Hospitality, its history, purpose and reputation.  The Dedman School is hosting a special event in Tallahassee, FL beginning September 8th- 12th. Thanks Diane! Looking forward to you filling my seat as Chair of Family Connection at FSU this next year and more articles that will keep us in touch with great events at Florida State University!

FSU's Dedman Hospitality School - Wine and Food Festival

The details on a Taste of FSU Hospitality ~ Dedman School’s “2010 Wine & Food Festival”. This event will surely be a crowd-pleaser and a great way to network with students and faculty of this wonderful school.

Here’s Diane Dulcie’s post:

A Taste of FSU Hospitality – Dedman School’s “2010 Wine & Food Festival”

By Diane Dulcie, Family Connection Advisory Council

Students at the Dedman School of Hospitality at the Florida State University are gearing up for their 2nd annual “North Florida Wine & Food Festivalto be held September 8 th – 12th at the University Center Club. Active preparations for this overwhelmingly popular student-led event have been in place for months. The noble efforts of these hard-working students to put on a first class event, provides funds to benefit the Dedman School programs. The week of hospitality will consist of dinner series, speakers, outings, and a grand wine and food tasting event showcasing more than 200 fine wines and delicacies from 25 area restaurants. It’s a ‘no miss’ event for anyone planning to be in the Tallahassee area in early September. For more information and to purchase advance tickets, visit

The Florida State University’s hospitality management program at the Dedman School of Hospitality was established in 1947 to meet the demand for hotel and restaurant industry executives. Students earn a highly versatile hospitality management degree through a rigorous and relevant curriculum. This curriculum is designed to meet high achievement standards in general education, and acquire not only the specialized knowledge needed for their hospitality industry careers, but also the basic functions, objectives, and management tools common to executive roles.

In June of 2009, the Dedman School began to operate as its own program through an organizational re-structuring. It is now an independent, industry-specific school. While still administered by the College of Business, it operates independently with its own funding, admission criteria, curriculum and graduation requirements.  This change was imperative in order for the Dedman School to double its enrollment, thereby generating sufficient tuition revenues to become self-sustaining in light of severe budget cuts it faced. This now allows more students to earn a hospitality degree from one of the best programs in the country!

The Dedman School of Hospitality is nationally and internationally recognized as one of the best, with an innovative, world-renowned faculty and nationally ranked facilities. It is located in University Center-B, where resources provide for the specialized academic/training objectives established. In addition to classrooms, this state-of-the-art facility provides teaching kitchens, a technology center, a publication resource center, and a placement center. The building also contains an affiliated 35,000 square-foot, professionally managed city club that provides students with real-world food and beverage experience in elegant surroundings. One of the most rewarding benefits of an education in hospitality management at the Florida State University is a personal, intimate, congenial climate where students can develop to their fullest potential. This has remained a chief attraction throughout the years. All of the school’s energies and resources are devoted exclusively to preparing each student for a professional career. The requirement of practical, on-the-job experience, where the student applies classroom knowledge to the workplace, prepares the graduate for the operational challenges of industry.

With a plethora of industry partners based in Florida, the nation’s No. 1 spot for tourism and hospitality, Dedman students receive training and guidance from industry professionals with unparalleled tourism and corporate experience. Many firms visit the Dedman school each year to interview students for entry-level management positions. The school boasts a nearly 100% placement rate, and graduates enjoy top managerial and ownership positions in hotels, resorts, restaurants, clubs, and other facets of the hospitality, tourism and golf industries.

For more information about the hospitality management major, contact the Dedman School, UCB 4100, (850) 644-4787, or visit

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