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Insight Into Commercial Real Estate and Social Media Use

Every now and then we are asked to do things that sometimes make you a little nervous, sometimes get you outside your box, and you even wonder how you will find the time. Selling real estate is full time…believe me. This is a busy, busy season gratefully. However, when asked to give a presentation, via webinar, to the Florida Realtors CCIM group, I was a little more than concerned. Afterall, I’m not a CCIM member or a commercial agent. Sure, I’ve had a few small commercial transactions in 8 years, but nothing to write home about!  However, I accepted the challenge because in reality, social networking and building relationships is the same in ANY business, and that is the message. It is about building relationships and this is one more opportunity for me to share that message.

As you can imagine if you know me, I began the task of researching commercial agents, websites, schmoozing with the who’s who in commercial social media networks. Quickly I realized, my talk would be dead on. It would be very  similar to other presentations for beginners in the real estate social media arena. There was not much difference in the marketing, or lack thereof, with commercial agents as with residential specialists. Lots of people dabbling around in Facebook, a microbial number on Twitter and thankfully a growing number on LinkedIn. Amont the dozens I researched and spoke with, very few realtors or commercial offices had a concise social media and marketing business strategy and even fewer integrating these sites into their business webpage or blog.

Debbie Kirkland Realtor-SocialMedia Presentation for RealtorsI really wasn’t going to write a post about this, but I was notified today that my Powerpoint presentation, “Turn your Social Media Presentations Into Face for Face Meetings,”  that I shared on was featured on the front of the real estate page. Maybe more people are interested than not. In any case, I owe it to the many people that helped me along into the abyss of social media and internet marketing to give back, so that is what I try to do. Sure, classes and knowledge of how to implement social media tools, use technology are great, but it is the relationships that come from these, the connections that lead to the face to face meetings, business opportunities, building professional credibility and networking that bring all of this into perspective in growing a real estate referral business.

Many thanks to all the people that responded to that webinar, now accessible on Florida Realtors Get Connected Business Webinar Library. Even more thanks to all the folks who I learned so much from, many of who will be attending the Real Estate BarCamp in Orlando on August 25th.

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