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I’m looking to purchase a home in 6 mo, should I look now?

The answer is, “YES!” Don’t wait to hear the words, “I am sorry, that home is under contract already.”  Work with a Realtor so that when you drive by a home, you know if it is for sale or not or if it is in your price range. If you have a Realtor, you have a direct connection to real-time housing inventory, pocket listings, and sales statistics. You will also have daily emails on listings that fit your specific search criteria. If it’s not on your list, chances are, it is not within those criteria you will set with your Realtor.

CalendarThe fact that you are looking 6 months in advance is a smart thing to do! Seeing what is on the market is a great way to start your home search. Go ahead and “Make the Committment“. It’s never too early to assemble your team of your Realtor, loan officer or mortgage broker, closing company, etc.

As I mentioned, working ahead of time 4 – 6 months is exactly what buyers need to do. Here are some practical steps to prepare you for finding your next home:

  • See a lender. Ask for a recommendation! Begin the process. Make an appointment with a lender to sit and get a list together of all the things you need for a loan application. Talk to them about your present financial position, what needs to be improved, what you have to work with, what you want in a monthly payment, etc. Talk and learn about the different type loans available to you and the current interest rates. Get on their mailing list for updates on mortgage rates! (they send them to realtors, so ask to get on that list!)
  • Choose your Realtor (Me, I hope!) Make an appointment early. At this appointment ask what you can expect your realtor to do for you, establish the best way to communicate while working together, tell your Realtor everything about why you are looking, what your are looking for, when you need to move. Now is not the time to be secretive! (Although this is confidential and respectful.)  Your Realtor is your negotiator and needs to know these things in order to negotiate the best deal for you! Ask questions ~ none are too ridiculous. This should be a fun time for you, so I will make it that way!
  • Begin your home search now – Look at listings that your Realtor send to you, designed according to your specifications and needs. View on this website. Begin researching schools, neighborhoods, drive in your favorite spots at different times of day, evening, weekends. No one can give you an effective description of a neighborhood like you can get from your own experiences. Research properties that you like. Look at the taxes, the utility rates, the structure, the age of systems. (Seller’s Property Disclosures are available for most all properties in the MLS- Multiple Listing Service). Give your Realtor feedback so they can tailor your search to your likes and dislikes. !
  • Plan for your offer even now. Review a Contract for Sale and Purchase with your Realtor. Review the Buyer’s Disclosures and Property disclosures. Discuss which title company you want to use and how much funds are available to you for a Good Faith Deposit. Be prepared to write an offer after you find the home you love, review the disclosures, discuss the comparable sales and active listings, obtain a good faith estimate of closing costs and monies needed to close.
  • Keep in touch with me after you talk with you lender, let me know who you choose. Let them know we are working together and then you have your team all assembled!
  • Let’s make an appointment ~ Let me know what is convenient for you and your family and I will work around your schedules.

From here it’s the negotiating, the offer, the closing and the follow-up. I’m with you all the way!

If you are and need a Realtor in another city, please contact me for a Realtor referral, I can help you find the right agent wherever you are moving.

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