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365 Things To Do in Tallahassee – Day 14-Big Bend Cares Artopia Event

Artopia – An Art Auction and event with a purpose. Big Bend Cares Charity Auction 2010

Big Bend Cares is the primary AIDS service organization providing HIV/AIDS education in this mainly rural region in and around Tallahassee, Florida. Big Bend Cares exists to provide education and comprehensive support to people infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS. My friend Kevin Hattaway, has been involved as a sponsor and fundraiser for years with Big Bend Cares and I have been to several events and fundraisers over the years. Having lost a loved one to HIV/Aids, Kevin is dedicated to the support of education and awareness that Big Bend Cares provides.

What impresses me most is the attitudes and generosity of  the caring, cooperative volunteers and people involved in Big Bend Cares. Some have lost loved ones, others struggle with HIV/Aids even now. It’s an ongoing battle and it’s why the fight to educate must continue. Big Bend Cares has many events throughout the year equally as fun.

My daughter and I are still reeling from this great art show and auction! I did not win any of my bids, however, she walked away with four pieces that I am still envious of! In my opinion, she was the winner of the deal of the century. A local artist,  Shea Murphy’s, first piece, which he donated to charity. It took over a year and a half to produce and when he is famous, which I am sure he will soon be, she will have in her possession a work of art that is even more meaningful and valuable!

Shea Murphy is a quiet soul, a giving soul. That much we learned when we talked to him after the auction. Shea works for Home Depot and is a contractor and loves hosting the “how-to” sessions for kids. He also has a passion for introducing art to kids. He works with handicapped children, introducing not just the how-to of art, but the vision that anything is possible. Children with severe physical handicaps learn from Shea that anything is possible and that art comes from within. I can’t wait to learn more about Shea. I am sure  that my daughter and I will be keeping in touch with this wonderful man.

Artopia 2010 Artist Shea Murphy

Watch for next year’s show. You really don’t want to miss this great opportunity to purchase art from local artisans, to mingle with the artists and hear their stories and passions and to share your love of art and Tallahassee’s wonderful Big Bend Cares volunteers with friends in Tallahassee, FL.

Artopia 2010 Gallery: View it on Facebook or join the Facebook Community and become a “fan” of Big Bend Cares for future postings and events! If someone you know and love has been affected by HIV/AIDS consider making a  Donation to Big Bend Cares.

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