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Heading to RETSO…for Technology Conference!

Real Etate Technology SouthFor 2 years now I have been involved in social media marketing and networking and incorporated that into my marketing plan for real estate.  Part of that plan was my involvement on Twitter.

Twitter is a social media networking platform where people with similar interests connect with others and engage in short quips or thoughts either directly or just to express themselves. In a short sentence, one can type their thoughts and see what others say about them, or engage in a full out conversation with replies or direct messages to their followers. As far as how it is used in real estate, it is word of mouth advertising, and instantaneous feedback for those who monitor and follow your work and your life whichever you are disclosing.

Connecting with people via Twitter allowed me to find what I feel are the brightest minds in real estate, the forward thinkers, agents with dynamic marketing skills, website `and SEO  knowledge and innovative ideas, real estate bloggers and more. Connecting the dots between these people allowed me to then discover the technology experts that bring the fun into real estate marketing.

Real Estate Technology South (#RETSO) is the largest technology conference in the Southeast. I am planning on meeting dozens of the people I have connected with this past year there! Discussions and classes on the latest technology tips, how to enhance business, talking with vendors about products and networking with some of the smartest people in the industry is what I will be doing there!

I can’t wait to see some of these folks, particularly many of the “Twitterqueens” that have shared tons of fun and support over the last year both in business and life in general. After all that learning, of course their will be a few celebrations that I am sure will be memorable and leave us all with a few smiles!

Connect with me on Twitter and follow the fun.. @FloridaSunSales !

@FloridaSunSales - Debbie Kirkalnd, Realtor, Tallahassee, Florida

3 thoughts on “Heading to RETSO…for Technology Conference!

  1. Debbie,

    It was great to meet you at #RETSO. Thanks for purchasing my book. I hope you will find it helpful. However, looking at your site, I’m of the opinion you don’t need it. You’re using many of the tactics I talk about: making your Web site/blog your hub, using social bookmarking, connecting on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter…and a Posterous photoblog on top of it! You go girl!

  2. Paul.. I am honored.. and you my dear, …have taught me more than you could ever imagine. I am a devoted fan.

  3. It was so, so wonderful finally meeting you Debbie. You made me cry though! You are one of the sweetest people I’ve met online, and now can verify, IRL (in real life) too! Love ya!

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