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Should You Sell BEFORE the Home-Buyer Tax Credit Ends?

If you are thinking of selling your home.. and you believe it could be a candidate for a first time home buyer…and you want to move up… do not miss your opportunity! the 2010 Tax-credit for first time buyers, along with other first time home-buyer monies are about to come to an end. When that happens, it may be some time before you can expose your home again to the numbers of people that are buying right now!

The deadline for a first time buyer to be in contract is April 30th. The deadline for that buyer to close is June 30th. that leaves you about 2 months now to get your house on the market and get it sold!  If you are thinking of moving up.. do it now!! The chances of selling your home after these two months are decreasing every day! The economists are not optimistic on what will happen with no credit and tightening home-buyer qualification processes. Don’t delay. Click here for a FREE HOME VALUATION today!

This is what happened this week.. a first time home buyer came to me in search of a home..under $110,000. (In my experience most of these buyers are purchasing homes under $150,000 and using down-payment assistance programs.) The buyer came to me pre-qualified (which can take weeks or months for some buyers who have credit issues or verification issues). Within a few days we had “virtually” previewed these homes and after feedback from me on many that I had already seen with other first time home-buyers, we set out to see homes that would work for these buyers.Make a Statement

Granted,.. in Tallahassee, it is RARE to find a property under $110,000 that is is great shape,.. and “woo’s” the buyers. We found that property. It had been on the market just 17 days.. and probably did not sell because the pictures did not do it justice on the MLS. What a thrill, and the buyers saw it near the end of their search, after seeing other properties that needed much work. Getting a home ready to sell makes all the difference in a quick sale and a tired, unseen listing?

This contract went well, buyer and seller negotiated with the help of their REALTORS what I feel like is a fair transaction, no one having an advantage over another and we are on our way with the steps that follow.

We will use Tallahassee Lender’s Consortium for available down-payment assistance funds because I recognized that these buyers qualify based on their income for the use of these funds. We negotiated for a portion of closing costs to be paid by the seller and the buyer’s could not be more appreciative to have this purchase opportunity. using these funds will enable them to keep their down-payment money in their pockets for furnishings, for a roof replacement reserve, (upon my advice), and moving expenses.

We are on our way! I am thrilled for my first time home-buyers!

Buyers, if you want to know where to begin.. take a look at these 9 Steps To home Ownership and make an appointment today to meet with me to plan your next move! Register for your FREE Buying Guide!

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