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Out with the old, in with the new. Marketing and technology for Realtors

VREBC-1-09Did you know that a Realtor is bound to continue their education according to the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics?  Ethics training is paramount and after this comes all that goes into maintaining knowledge of every aspect of an industry that changes more than just about any other industry. Changes in market conditions, real estate law, financing and underwriting, zoning regulations and even building codes to name a few. Few customers realize the amount of education required of Realtors, not just for continuing education, but in achieving designations and certificates of study.

If that is not enough, learning how to effectively market properties, utilizing the latest technology and tools available keeps one not only ahead of competition, but enhances all listings by giving them greater visibility in todays marketplace.   We are moving toward technology in every aspect of our lives, who knew Realtors would need an understanding of technology to be effective marketers?  It is mind boggling considering most Realtors, when they began their careers had virtually no marketing experience. Many veteran agents have time under their belt, but do they use current marketing tools? It is a question customers must ask of their agents prior to listing with a Realtor.

Todays agents must be masters at listings, sales, and marketing.  All of these things are imperative to success. All of these change often, and all are changing with advent of social media avenues. Avenues for finding buyers and sellers and investors have changed.  Marketing methodology has morphed. A good Realtor will know what is working and what is time-worn and ineffective.

Over the past two years my marketing strategies have changed. I’m an avid reader and have been watching trends move from print advertising to the tools that today’s buyer and sellers use on a daily basis. I have attended seminars online and in person on marketing strategies, employed these in my new website, and expanded my visibility into social network environments by providing information about Tallahassee in hopes of attracting residents to our area and in obtaining buyers while establishing credibility with local sellers.

Learning about social media and marketing has helped grow my business, establish my brand, and has given me inspiration to help others learn what I have over the past few years. I have held technology seminars and continue on this path. tomorrow I will be hosting a Virtual REBarcamp webinar education seminar at my office where area agents will learn from some of the best in the business. Together we will learn, discuss and implement new marketing strategies for the upcoming year. The schedule below is what we will follow during this Virtual REBarCamp.

Keep in mind all that goes into your Realtors business and how they utilize the tools of technology along with their knowledge of all that is imperative to know in our industry. Give your Realtor a pat on the back for all that they put into your listings, your home search and your investment analysis!

Virtual REBarCamp Schedule for January 4, 2010.


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