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What they were thankful for, I heard it

What people are grateful for.. the simple things.

Thankful for Our Home

Thankful for Our Home

A little of what I heard this year when dealing with so many of the first time home-buyers.

2 Bathrooms

a Yard

A Camelia bush that reminds me of my grandmother

The handmade shelf we found in the garage

The pet rocks with the smiley faces drawn by a child lining the patio planter

a kitchen with new appliances

a room for my daughter, she’s never had her own

the lady across the street

a washer and dryer

the peace and quiet of the woods

a spot for the garden

grass to mow

a place of my own

Again, it’s the simple things that make a house a home for most.

Traditionally, I have always called or sent text messages to my customers early in the morning before too many get involved with their lunch preparations and this year was no different. I am always glad to hear their voices and talk briefly about what they are doing. Most all were having family in their homes at some time during the day

This year, with the help of the tax credit, I had an exceptional amount of first time home-buyers. Each one came to me with a desire to own a home. Home ownership, it really does mean a great deal to people. With the help of the tax credit, down payment assistance programs,  many were able to realize their dreams. There is innately a deep desire for most people to have four walls in which they place all that they seem to love about their lives, a roof over the heads of the people they love and a bit of turf where the fruits of their labor will grow. I am sure home-ownership means different things to different people, but I am lucky enough to hear the happiness over and over.

I am thankful for what I hear, over and over again. That is what I am thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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