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Rock Your Marketing World…It's Here!

Direct Mail…Expensive Flyers, Brochures, Newsletters….Newspaper Advertising…Boring text E-mails…and a Contact Database management system from,…well,.. not a good place. That used to be the story of my career. Then there was a “voice!” I’m going to share something with you that will rock your marketing world!

Video - It Will Change Your Life!

Video - It Will Change Your Life!

How much do you spend on advertising, on say direct mail alone? For years as a real estate agent, I have used direct mail campaigns such as “Just Listed” and “Sold,” campaigns as well as personal flyer’s and brochures and tons of Open House announcements. I can probably count on two hands the number of leads and calls I have had from those campaigns. While it may have created a slight “conditioning” advantage over other Realtors, these campaigns did little to bring live customers to my door! So, I began looking for alternative, cutting edge marketing tools. My first investment as an agent was a website. I was one of those who watched what successful people were using.. and well,.. took their lead!

I’m an avid reader of trade magazines, and I am an Internet junkie. As I began my search for products that saved me time, money and gave me a tangible advantage over other marketers, I found the results overwhelming and the costs of usable products staggering. I even spent hours using my contacts on Facebook and Twitter, interviewing industry experts, program developers and techno geeks! I learned a lot, but never got to the nuts and bolts of “the” product that could handle my needs. I will be the first to admit I got sucked into several that were of no real use at all. I spent probably close to three years researching and I hope that just a little of what I have learned and will share with you will save you valuable time and money.

The funny part of this story is that I stumbled into this product at Starbucks while having coffee with a friend! As I was about to rush away.. to go back to the office and finish some work I just happened to mention about how I market to others and what a dilemma I was having getting it all to come together. That’s when Ted stepped up and said, “Well why don’t you take a look at this,… I’m in this business, and I think I may have something that will work for you.” Now, I am open, but I though.. oh no.. here we go again! So, leaving with a short description of a product that uses video email,.. I left somewhat intrigued. No one else in town was using video email to my knowledge! All I knew was that I could get it for $9.95/month. I thought.. well.. that’s cool.. I spend that much on two trips to Starbucks! I might even impress a customer or two. (Try about 2000 my first month!)

When I looked at the initial videos, I thought it was too good to be true.   Surely I would be the first to use this here perhaps! After a few more question and answer sessions, I was given the sites for a few Realtors who had been using the product and I was convinced that I had to have it.. and after learning that I could make money while using it.. I “got it!” Meaning, I “got” the product, I “got” the technology, I “got” the system and I didn’t care if it’s sold by multilevel marketing or not.(it’s available as retail too.. without joining).. it  simply made sense. I “get” that people everywhere will soon be using this in their day to day lives and this is the beginning stages of the digital revolution. It’s here, right here, right now! Are you a dinosaur? take a look at this and decide:

The more I looked at this product I soon discovered, I didn’t want just the $9.99/month retail product, I wanted the whole thing.. I was going BIG.. and I want to share it with others. There are people in my business starving for this! I continued to read a lot of articles on digital media.. and when I got to the final question…PRICE,..I was blown away. I kinda got a little sick at how much I had spent before this actually!

So what is it? Is it some kind of secret? Heck no… this is the coolest thing since color TV. ( to the shock of some of you, I’m old enough to remember black and white TV! ) This product is a combination of things that I use and now incorporate into my business every day:

  • Contact Management System – Like Outlook on crack! It contains opt in/out features, analytics, (who opened campaigns, most effective, etc. using graphs, charts, etc! – similar to Google analytics.. but how many of you know “geek” and can figure out Google analytics?), spam word filters (to keep your email and flyers from getting spammed!), automatic contact capture (soon to put constant contact out of business!),.. and much, much more.
  • Video Email – Video email with customizable banners and linking capabilities to 4 custom sites of your choice. Banners can be photo, graphics, flash graphics, power point presentations, slide shows..etc. The best part.. NO ADS,.. no spyware, etc.. just your content.. you own it, it can not be removed by someone else or sold because it gets so popular! (hint, hint for you Facebook and MySpace users!) Customizable, brandable.
  • Live TV Broadcasting – Yep, be the star of your own show..Showcase your product, hold a seminar (and charge a pay-per-view – oops,.. did I just say “this might be how you can make money?”) Live TV broadcast also enables you to take comments or questions from your audience, push you own polls, showcase a power point presentation, feature a guest broadcaster from another location anywhere in the world! Customizable, brandable. This product on the net costs by the minute.. and you don’t want to know how much, really!
  • Video Instant Messaging – Unlike free products.. there is video AND audio,.. and the capability to have 6 people on and LIVE at one time…again,..from anywhere in the world. Travel to board to meet with a customer for 10 min or half a day,… how about sit in your home or office and never board a plane! People pay hundreds for conference programs.
  • A Media Vault – ever wonder where your information is stored, who has access once you post it and how to access it once it leaves you? No more questions. This product contains your media vault, you never loose it,.. you can pull it up to resend a week from now, a year from now.. to add to a broadcast, pod-cast, an e-mail. You can record your own content directly to the vault, or import it from other areas or files. Want to review the video email you sent three weeks ago? Point,.Click and you are there. It’s just that easy.
  • Pod-casting – Save your broadcasts, your videos, publish them, make them available for your RSS feeds.
  • Blogging – well.. using that right now. Again,.. your blog, your information, containing your videos, your audio, your music or pictures or just your wisdom!The codes are at your fingertips to place your publications anywhere!
  • SEO – If you have to ask what that is.. well.. you may not “get” all of this just yet,.. but I will be happy to teach you! Search Engine Optimization occurs when you can link your websites to other sites, use content that is fresh and unique and usable to others. Trust me when I say, link to your Hello World site and see what happens!

So,.. folks.. want more.. I am warning you.. you will not want to put this down! Check out the DEMO by clicking HERE. Grab a pencil and piece of paper, sit back for about 30 min and listen closely,..just the tip of the iceberg. Never has there been a better time to re-vamp your marketing plan, re-organize your contacts, expose yourself to new and old customers or advertise your product and your skills. with this product you will most certainly STAND OUT!

Email me with any questions:

Don’t be a dinosaur.. It’s Right Here, Right Now.. and VM Direct is the product for you!


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